Andrea Della Chiesa, For The Miami Student

Is money holding you back from experiencing everything Miami University’s campus and Oxford have to offer? No college student is made out of money and everyone deserves a good bargain.

Miami will be joining other standout universities like Stanford University, the Ohio State University and Boston College in the newest upcoming craze called KegFLY, according to Miami University KegFLY interns Rudy Krehbiel and Aly Hunter. KegFLY is an online coupon site designed to save college students 50 to 80 percent on various items and activities around campus, said Krehbiel and Hunter. Coupons can be applied to a variety of things ranging from food discounts at a restaurant like Skipper’s Pub to concert tickets at Brick Street Bar and Grill, according to Krehbiel and Hunter.

“The catch is getting students to understand the concept, it’s totally new and they aren’t used to it,” said one of the KegFLY founders, Maxx Blank. “The possibilities are limitless.”

KegFLY was first launched at Ohio University in the fall of 2010, according to OU KegFLY Intern Patrick DiBiasio. Out of the 20,000 students at OU about 4,000 of them are members of KegFLY and it is rapidly growing, DiBiasio said.

“I have been signed up since November and it has fantastic deals. I have saved so much money,” said Ohio University Sophomore Elizabeth Eline.

Beyond its great deals, KegFLY also serves as a marketing consultant for other organizations on campus.

“Organizations come to us and ask us to help promote them. It’s just another perk that KegFLY offers,” said DiBiasio.

KegFLY has become a hit at every college campus it has touched and its members are working around the clock to make Miami its next success story according to Krehbiel and Hunter.

“It works for everyone, it gives businesses new customers and tons of exposure, and gives students great deals,” said Krehbiel. Krehbiel is one of six students trying to start KegFLY here at Miami.

Each day, KegFLY offers deeply discounted deals to use around and near campus, according to Krehbiel and Hunter. If the customer wants to partake in the amazing deal, he or she would click the ‘Buy Now’ button and then ‘Proceed to Check Out,’ said Krehbiel and Hunter. If KegFLY reaches the minimum number of buyers then everyone gets the discount and credit cards are charged, according to Krehbiel and Hunter. If they do not reach the minimum number of buyers then no one gets the discount and no one gets charged. It is a win-win situation, said Krehbiel and Hunter. After the transaction is made the buyer can either print the coupon out or have it sent to their phone according to Krehbiel and Hunter.

Work on Miami’s KegFLY began in February and the tentative start date is approximately two to three weeks away, said Krehbiel and Hunter. Interns are working vigorously to set up as many deals as possible because they want to make it a smooth process for both businesses and Miami students, according to interns Krehbiel and Hunter.

“Our goal is to make KegFLY a normal part of campus life,” Hunter said. “What’s the KegFLY deal for today?”