IT Services

Miami undergraduate students can now activate their new Miami e-mail/calendar account – muConnect powered by Google.

All students have the opportunity to self-migrate themselves voluntarily until January 4, 2011.  At that time students will be required to switch to the new system.  If you activate your new e-mail account by April 23 you will be entered in a drawing for some great prizes, including a Google backpack and Google t-shirts.

If you want to activate your new e-mail account on your own, you can begin the process at  You will also find instructions in IT Help at:  IT Help also has instructions for migrating mail.  Go to and select muConnect Powered by Google from the Featured Categories and Solutions section to view the entire list of related solutions for moving your messages, setting up a desktop client, and connecting your mobile device.

Some advantages of the new e-mail/calendar system include:

  • A lifetime e-mail account through the University
  • A substantially greater amount of storage than is presently provided (1 GB to 7 GB)
  • Ability to collaborate with the Miami student community through Google services

If you have questions about activating a new muConnect powered by Google account, or questions about migrating mail from the old system, please contact the Support Desk at or (513) 529-7900.