Taxes, energy, the economy, health care, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay are only a few issues that President Barack Obama must face immediately entering the White House. With such crucial concerns stacked on Obama’s plate, he must prioritize what must be addressed first. The editorial board of The Miami Student believes that the economy and Iraq War are the two most pressing affairs that Obama and his administration should tackle, especially since he aggressively campaigned for both during the election.

Congress is currently working on an $825 billion stimulus bill in hopes to remedy the poor economy. However, we should not let the 100-day stigma shadow nor prejudge the results of Obama’s efforts to spur the economy. The economic crisis isn’t going to be fixed immediately-even Obama has already stated that Americans must be patient. Obama has spent the last three years with a team of economic advisers to prep for this moment. And as, the affects of the economic crunch has continued to burden Americans-the loss of jobs, foreclosures and debt continue to amount it is clearly the most pressing challenge facing Obama.

During the election season, Obama continually discussed Iraq and his plan to pull troops out by setting a timetable. With the U.S. foreign policy reputation discredited by the last eight years, it’s imperative for Obama and his administration to demonstrate how his policies will differ from those of George W. Bush. To rebuild America’s credibility with the international community, Obama needs to deal with Iraq and bring American troops home as promised.

Recently, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has spoken out, demanding that Obama investigate past actions of the Bush administration. This board agrees that Obama should examine certain policies and actions conducted and performed during the Bush era, however, this shouldn’t be his top priority. It could waste valuable time looking back and dwelling on the past instead of planning for the future and enacting legislation that will bring the change Obama promised for the future.

Americans have very high expectations regarding Obama’s performance in office. As millions been have been affected by the economy, this should be his first concern. Restoring the United State’s global reputation is intimately linked to this goal and, hopefully, early successes will help to build momentum for later (secondary) White House policies.