Byron Finch, Marc Rubin and Jeff Smith

We are writing to correct a significant error that appeared in the in the Nov. 2 front‐page article “Premature resignation for dean of largest college at MU.”   

Along with nine other department chairs from across the university, we attended the dinner Oct. 12 at President Hodge’s home. During a conversation about the university’s strategic planning initiatives and probable direction over the next five years, one of the participants noted that it was unlikely the current deans of the respective colleges would be in their positions through all five years. Hodge agreed and, in the course of his comments, noted that it was likely we will have an interim dean in the College of Arts and Science during the coming academic year. This was the only comment we can recall that was in any way related to the present controversy. Hodge made no comment whatsoever about Dean Schilling’s performance, and he did not mention her name. Based on an e-mail from Schilling that has circulated around the campus, one of the other participants at the dinner (a department chair in the College of Arts and Science) allegedly told Schilling the next day Hodge made an “uncollegial, unprofessional, and unethical announcement of my departure” during the dinner. Your article quotes Hodge as using the words “unprofessional” and “unethical.” In fact, these were attributed (by Schilling) to the department chair and not to Hodge. 

We can assure you that Hodge did not make any derogatory statements about Schilling during the dinner, and we are saddened to see such misreporting on the front page of The Miami Student


Byron Finch

Chair, Department of Management


Marc Rubin,

Chair, Department of Accountancy


Jeff Smith

Chair, Department of DSC/MIS