Population statistics predict the number of high school graduates in the Midwest will drastically decline during the next 10 years. To draw in more students, Miami University will send recruiters to California and the Northeast region.

The editorial board of The Miami Student believes recruiting more students from underrepresented areas of the United States and the world will be beneficial to Miami. With more students from California, the Northeast region and countries like China and India, the campus and student body will become more diverse. Often, the only reason students from states outside the Midwest and other countries know about Miami is from family and friends’ families who are alumni.

Miami needs to spend money and resources on recruitment efforts that will be the most successful. Face-to-face contact with Miami alumni is the best way for prospective students to get believable experiences, opinions and facts about Miami. A discussion with an individual person will heighten the chances of high school students applying to Miami. This board recommends Miami support alumni conferences around the nation where prospective high school students have questions answered by Miami graduates. Brochures can’t replace real voices.

How many times has someone asked you if you enjoy the weather in Miami, Fla.? Out-of-state students often have to explain that they attend the Miami in Ohio, not in Florida. Strengthening recruitment and venturing into areas of the country that are not typically targeted will bring more national recognition to Miami University. Even having only one recruiter in California and one in the Northeast will be beneficial to Miami. The more these recruiters attract students, the more out-of-state students Miami gains. The monetary gains from increasing out-of-state students would not be insignificant.

The university is making a smart, proactive move by looking at the future graduating classes of high schools and preparing for changes. By targeting students from all areas of the country, Miami will be able to expand on-campus diversity and help to keep enrollment at a steady level.