George MacDonald, Assistant Director of Parking & Transportation Services

At Miami University, a vehicle may be immobilized, otherwise known as being ‘booted,’ for any combination of three violations (including warnings) beginning July 1 each year, even if all previous fines have been paid. The vehicle must be parked illegally at the time of immobilization. A vehicle may also be ‘booted’ for displaying a permit that is being used illegally or a permit that has been falsely reproduced. The illegal use/reproduction parking 
violation is also a Code 1 dishonesty violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Although other violations may have been warranted and charged at the time, the fee for immobilization is $200 and is payable by cash, check or credit card and must be paid prior to the release of the vehicle.  Most students could avoid the ‘boot’ by parking legally and by displaying a valid university permit.

Park Smart…Park Happy!