Rachel Sarachman, For The Miami Student

During Miami University’s recent technology switch from BlackBoard to Niihka, directors of the University Honors Program saw an opportunity to revamp its own forms of communication with Honors students.

Senior Associate Director of the Honors Program, Kristy Burton played a huge role in the development and design of the new Honors Hub, which launched this past August.

“When the university transitioned from BlackBoard to Niihka over the summer, we saw that as an opportunity to rethink our communication plan and better align it with needs of current honors students,” Burton said. “The Honors Hub was developed as a replacement for the former honors BlackBoard site.”

Burton said the site provides honors students with useful resources.

“The Hub is meant to be a place where honors students can go to easily access program information, updates and announcements,” Burton said. “We also have video tutorials that will explain their e-portfolio assignments which have been a point of confusion in the past.”

According to Burton, along with the video tutorials, there is an additional section with program announcements and tips geared specifically for honors students.

Sophomore Megan Shroder said she is pleased with the new Honors Hub.

“So far the program has been easy to use and it’s a nice way to stay updated on the program’s information,” Shroder said. “Since I’m not living in the honors dorm anymore it’s a nice way to feel like I’m still in the loop.”

Junior Jenn Curry said she is also pleased with the program switch.

“I think that the new tutorials are helpful and I’m glad that they kept something specifically for honors students,” Curry said. “I like knowing that I can stay up to date on what’s happening so I can stay on track with my classes.”

However, junior Eric Martz said he was thrown off by the program switch.

“I was a little confused when they first switched the program because I had just gotten used to BlackBoard,” said Martz. “I don’t have anything against the new program now that I’m used to it, I just want it to stay consistent from now on.”