Ali Preissing, For The Miami Student

Upscale updates worth nearly $2.6 million are gliding into the picture for Miami University’s Goggin Ice Center. However, the new improvements will primarily affect the varsity hockey team.

“The goal of the work is to make improvements and additions specific to the varsity hockey program,” Associate VP of Facilities Planning and Operations Cody Powell said. “The addition will house a sport-specific weight-training room and cardiovascular training area, a shooting practice room and a multi-use team film and meeting room.”

Powell said the project has been delayed as a result of the extreme weather conditions. It is expected to be completed by May 2014. Aiming to increase functionality of the space for the athletes, the budget for the addition is nearly $2.6 million.

“So far, the project is on budget, which includes design, construction, administration and outfitting the space with the specialized equipment,” Powell said.

While the work being done on the ice center is meant to improve its internal conditions, the new construction has had small effects on activities around campus.

“All projects have some implications, but our pre-planning has minimized the impact,” Powell said. “We performed an early phase of the project this summer to address the improvements in the existing locker room area. This allowed us to accomplish the bulk of the intrusive work before our student athletes returned. The other work has periodic disruptions, but is largely outside the existing structure.”

The construction will not have any major impact on student activities.

“The only impact from construction is on the sidewalk, which has been moved,” Kevin Ackley, senior director of the Goggin Ice Center, said. “This change allows pedestrians to avoid the construction, and a new schedule for deliveries has been created.”

While the construction area might create inconveniences for some, students seem to approve of the new additions.

“I’m all for improving our facilities around campus, although the scaffolding and construction is a bit of an eye sore,” first-year Daniel Romo said. “However, I think it is worth the price to enhance Goggin for the students and athletes.”

Additionally, students also feel these improvements will enhance the hockey team in the long-run.

“I’ve seen the project being completed first hand,” first-year Evan Proccaccini, who works at Goggin, said. “I believe the improvements will increase the effectiveness of our hockey team’s workouts both on and off season.”