JD Prewitt, Staff Writer

The city of Hamilton has officially proposed the removal of mobile speed camera units that netted the city $90,000 last year.

According to Sgt. Steve Henderson of the Hamilton Police Department, informal talks regarding the demise of the unit within the department are due to budge cuts that have reduced the number of officers in the department from 126 to 115, with more cuts planned for the future.

While the city is still deciding whether or not to keep the mobile speed camera, another obstacle the city has to consider is its contract with Redflex, the company that runs the unit’s database.

The vehicle, which is deployed with an officer that tests the system before and after deployment, is only permitted by city ordinances to dispatch in school zones and park areas where warnings can be posted of its use.

While the city of Middletown also has their own version of speed cameras which are placed in fixed positions at different intersections throughout the city, Oxford is not likely to see speed cameras anytime in the near future according to city manager Doug Elliott.

According to Henderson, the vehicle receives most of its workout where the Butler County regional Highway comes into Hamilton next to Garfield Junior High School. In this area, the speed limits drops drastically from 65 miles per hour to 20 during school hours.