Matt Weinkam and Tom Speaker

Frost/NixonBest writing, actingdirecting this year. Also,Nixon makes me hot!

Slumdog MillionaireIt goes down like adelicious curry exceptyou don’t get the runs.

Slumdog Millionaire, take 2Despite the verywarm and joyous ending, Istill think he cheated

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…great not but good It’s!hyped-over be I’ll reversein this write I If

Seven PoundsDiet movie? No.Dog-sitter comedy? No.Debbie Downer? Yes.

Valkyrie Not all Germans werebad. Some were bad ass! Tom Cruise has one eye, one hand!!?!!?

Valkyrie (take 2)I guess what I amtrying to say is that itcould have been better…

Marley & MeSome of the worst dog-acting I’ve ever seen. Should have cast Meryl Streep .