Rebecca Clark, For The Miami Student

Miami University junior Graham Bowling was appointed in July by Ohio governor John Kasich to serve on Miami’s Board of Trustees as a student trustee.  Bowling, a business major and marketing minor, will serve as a part of the Board until Feb. 28, 2015.

According to President of the Associated Student Government (ASG) Student Senate Nicholas Miller, the two-year-long position as a student representative on the university’s Board of Trustees is a very important one, as the student trustee is able to give a Miami student’s perspective on different issues and serves as a voice for the student body.  

“Quality candidates possess a strong sense of passion and service to Miami University and can advocate for the student body,” Miller said.

 Miller also said student trustees should be mature and understand the university.

“We want student trustees to be able to approach issues from diverse perspectives,” he added.

According to Miller, ASG begins searching for a new student representative in November by holding an advertising campaign for the entire student body. Potential nominees must first fill out an application, and they are required to meet several areas of criteria.  The application calls for students who are in good academic standing with the school, at least 18 years old and a permanent resident of Ohio.  They must also attach a list of their leadership experiences.  

Then, from the pool of applicants, ASG selects a group of students who they believe would be good representatives for the Miami student body and interview them.  

“The Chief of Staff to the Student Body President is responsible for the search and chairing the Executive Council which interviews the candidates,” Miller said.  

After the interviews, the Executive Council selects five candidates, whose names and applications are given to the governor’s office, and the governor makes the final decision, according to Miller.

Miller said Graham Bowling is a fitting candidate for the esteemed position.

“Graham Bowling definitely demonstrates these qualities and will bring many high quality leadership experiences with him to the board,” he said. “He has my full faith and trust as he embarks on his new position and will serve the student body well over the next two years.”

Ted Pickerill, secretary to the Board of Trustees, looks forward to working with Bowling on the Board.  

“I very much enjoy working with all the student trustees and look forward to meeting and working with Graham,” he said.