Claire Krieger, For The Miami Student

Upon graduating in 2010, Miami University alumnus Sam Brewer and his fellow GhostBear bandmates were forced to dissolve the band in order to enter the “real world.”

The band GhostBear, as some might remember, was active on and around Miami’s campus in 2009 and 2010 and was comprised of former Miami students Ian Winston, Ben Basara, Dylan Oseas and Sam Brewer.

Since splitting up, the band was able to play a reunion show of sorts in Oxford on Green Beer Day last March. However, this show was not enough to quench Brewer’s thirst for writing and performing music. Brewer began playing solo gigs during his first year at Miami and was one of a few artists on the Miami student run Miox Records.

The label never progressed as much as originally intended and ended up disbanding, but Brewer says that was where he got his start. After graduating, Brewer moved out of Oxford and currently resides in the Baltimore area.

Brewer said he began his solo career effort partially out of boredom since GhostBear went their separate ways.

“I had to find something to keep myself busy. The solo thing is the first easy way to go. I’ve been looking for another band since I moved but I haven’t quite found one,” Brewer said.

Lately, Brewer has been playing a lot of shows around the Baltimore area and has also been busy writing and recording some new songs. For his solo material, Brewer trades out the drums from his GhostBear days for a guitar. Brewer describes his music as folk-rock or folk with more edge to it. Brewer compares his sound to artists such as Damien Rice and Bright Eyes. While Brewer is optimistic about his solo career, his expectations are not unrealistic.

“If the opportunity comes along to make a career out of it I would jump at it in a heartbeat,” Brewer said. In the meantime, Brewer works as a chemist for Proctor & Gamble. Brewer is happy playing shows in Maryland but said he would definitely love to play shows in Oxford.

“[Oxford] is where my heart is,” Brewer said. “GhostBear was part of my best college years,” former Miami student Vonnie Hill said.

“I know that Sam is going to go far with his solo career. I highly recommend checking out his new project.”

If you are interested in learning more about Brewer and his music, check out his Facebook page by searching for “Sam Brewer” or his Reverb Nation website at