Jenn Smola, Campus Editor

A pillar on the porch of the southeast entrance to Flower Hall is still absent Monday afternoon. The pillar, which was previously damaged, was reported to have fallen down Saturday night. (JULIA ENGELBRECHT | The Miami Student)

A wooden porch pillar at Flower Hall was completely torn down Saturday evening, according to the Miami University Police Department (MUPD). According to Lt. Ben Spillman of MUPD, the resident director of Flower Hall called MUPD after a resident reported seeing three males near the southeast entrance to the building. The three males were reportedly taking pictures with the damaged pillar, but ran away when they were seen, Spillman said.

The pillar had been damaged at an earlier time, but was still standing until about 8:45 p.m. Saturday, Spillman said.

The physical facilities department was at Flower Hall earlier that day, but was planning to return at a later date to finish the repairs, Spillman said.

The pillar was not structural, Spillman said, but simply for decoration.