Parking and Transportation Services

Welcome class of 2014. Wondering whether or not to bring a car with you? First-year students are discouraged from bringing a vehicle to campus. At Miami University, most locations are accessible to pedestrians. However, Oxford students who desire transportation will find that the Miami Metro provides an efficient alternative to a personal vehicle. Students may apply for a permit and obtain a copy of the parking map through the Parking and Transportation Services website or in person at the Parking Office in room 128 Campus Avenue Building. Each semester, for 14 calendar days after the start of classes, students may park in the Ditmer or West Millett parking areas without a permit. Permit colors correspond to specific parking areas and times indicated on the parking map at Daily and overnight garage parking is also available.

Exceptions Authorized for First Year Students to Obtain a Permit

  1. Nontraditional student: Age 23 or married at time of registration
  2. Distance: Permanent residence outside of a 200-mile radius of Oxford (not driving distance)
  3. Regional campus class: The Parking Office will verify enrollment
  4. Commuter: Student who resides in the home of a parent or guardian
  5. Internship: Student shall provide verification from the instructor indicating academic credit for the internship
  6. Employment purposes
  7. Exceptional transportation need: Student with an exceptional transportation need shall provide a statement of need at time of application
  8. Health: A student with a medical need that requires the use of a vehicle
  9. Military purposes

Miami University
Parking & Transportation Services
128 Campus Avenue Building
513-529-8535 or
Located at the corner of Campus Avenue and Spring Street