Freeland Oliverio, Staff Writer

Lab results have confirmed the drugs found at the Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity houses Aug. 19 to be cocaine and marijuana, according to Sgt. Jon Varley of the Oxford Police Department.

“Lab results normally take anywhere from a week to two months to return,” Varley said. “People believe that it’s like CSI, where you can drop off results and get them by the afternoon. But this is not the case.”

In addition to these drug confirmations, the Oxford Fire Department has filed a combined 31 firework and fire code violations against both houses, according to Oxford Fire Chief John Detherage.

Neither the Fire Department nor the Oxford Police Department specified which houses received which charges.

“At this point [The Oxford Fire Department] has issued 31 civil citations between the two houses and the individuals living in those houses,” Detherage said. “The houses have been charged with various offenses, including numerous fireworks offenses and fire code offenses.”

These charges, although originally filed by the Oxford Fire Department, are now in the hands of the Oxford Police Department, according to Detherage.

The Oxford Fire Department filed the fireworks and fire code offenses against the Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternities Aug. 19 after responding officers found members of both houses shooting fireworks at one another. After the two houses refused to cooperate, the Oxford Police Department issued warrants to search the houses, where they found the drugs.

The Oxford Police Department will be issuing a press release with further details regarding this investigation sometime this week.