Amanda Revman

It is the policy of The Miami Student to publish corrections of factual errors in the print and online editions of the newspaper. Changes have been made to this article to reflect updated information on who will be speaking at the event. Dec. 2, 2008

Moving out of the high school classroom, sex education is making its way to Miami University.

Senior Patty Dillon, who is helping coordinate the event, said the lecture is a way to see what resources Oxford has to offer concerning sex education and how to protect oneself in intimatesituations.

Jessica Farquhar, president of Pro-Choice Miami, said the group hired a sex educator from Planned Parenthood to speak at the event. 

After 37 years in Oxford, Planned Parenthood was forced to shut down two years ago. 

According to Planned Parenthood CEO Becki Brenner, Planned Parenthood was forced to leave Oxford because it was unable to compete with Student Health Services and its lower prices for contraceptives.

However, Brenner said the center hopes to re-open next semester.

After Miami received a 2.49 GPA in the 2008 Trojan sexual health survey, down from 3.0 in 2007, Dillon said programs like this one seem necessary.  

The Planned Parenthood educator will discuss different reproductive options students might not be aware of, including different and somewhat unknown types of contraceptives, as well as ways to prevent STDs. 

Pro-choice Miami has coordinated and is sponsoring the event. 

“It is something we hope will be an annual occurrence at Miami,” Dillon said. 

Junior Ashley Steinfeld said that although these presentations can be awkward and uncomfortable, she understands the importance of presentations such as these on college campuses. 

“There is no such thing as completely safe sex, just safer sex,” Steinfeld said. “That’s why these lectures are so important.”

“Let’s Talk About Sex” will be held at 7 p.m. Dec. 3 in the Great Room of MacMillan Hall.