Sam Kay, Editor in Chief

Although a far cry from Florida’s hanging chad fiasco during the 2000 U.S. presidential election, Miami’s Associated Student Government (ASG) election results have nonetheless been temporarily delayed. They were not available by time of press, but will be posted on as soon as they are available.

According to current Student Body Vice President and election coordinator Tim Hogan, the close nature of results has prompted ASG to seek IT assistance to double check the numbers.

“Because of the tight nature of the election, myself along with the elections committee and Heath (Ingram) don’t feel comfortable releasing them until IT checks them in the morning,” Hogan said. “It’s really an integrity thing … we’ve never had races this close, at least over the last three years or so.”

Hogan said this year’s election is remarkable in part because of high initial turnout estimates.

“In terms of turnout, we had really unbelievable turnout compared to last year,” Hogan said. “We need to verify that the overall number, which is substantial, is the correct number.”

Student Body President Heath Ingram said this situation calls for due diligence. “We’re trying to preserve the integrity of this process as much as possible,” Ingram said.

According to Ingram, the results are expected to be verified and available Friday morning.