Laura Siedlecki, For The Miami Student

Miami University’s EDUN Live on Campus (EDUN) has found a new way to raise money outside of selling T-shirts.

Instead, they will hold a 5K marathon Sunday, April 25.

EDUN is pairing up with Unified for UNIFAT and Nourish International for the event. All proceeds from the event will go to an organization called charity: water.

According to Brian Cash, vice president of marketing for EDUN, charity: water is an organization that provides clean and safe drinking water by digging wells in developing nations.

EDUN chose to have a 5K since usually a large number of people become involved, according to Cash.

“Not only will this large number help to maximize our donation to charity: water, but it will also give participants a better idea of what students on their own campus are doing to alleviate one of the many social inequalities,” Cash said.

Danny Sauter, president of EDUN, said they chose charity: water because 100 percent of the donations will go toward clean water work.

“They are big on transparency and being able to track impact,” Sauter said. “Each well they build is tracked with photos and GPS to increase accountability.”

EDUN is aiming to raise $5,000 from the race, Sauter said. This amount of money will be used to build a fresh-water well for at least 250 people in a developing area, specifically in Africa.

Sauter said most people in Africa have to walk hours for water, and their sources of water are often murky, dirty swamps. One in eight people around the world do not have access to clean, safe drinking water, according to Sauter.

EDUN hopes to have a crowd of 300 participants at the Running Water 5K.

Participants are welcome to walk, run or simply participate by giving a donation.

Sauter said EDUN hopes to turn this event into an experience rather than a typical race.

“I think our 5K is different than other 5Ks at Miami in that it is not a simple donation and then end of story,” Cash said. “A donation to charity: water is truly sustainable since it’s providing many with clean water – not for a day, or even a year, but for many, many years.”

EDUN will have music and food for participants and a range of prizes and incentives for top finishers and participants.

EDUN hopes to make the event an annual one.

“If we receive positive feedback and ample participation I’m sure we will work toward making it something the Miami community can look to each year,” Cash said.

To register for the event visit or pick up a form from the Entrepreneurship Office, Room 2078 Farmer School of Business. Pre-Registration is $15, which includes an EDUN Live T-Shirt. Registration the day of the even will be $20. The race begins at 1 p.m. Saturday, April 25 behind Bachelor Hall.