Brandon Gay

McGuffey Hall is home to the School of Education and Allied Professions. The school’s name will change in January 2008.

Change is coming to Miami University’s School of Education and Allied Professions. Starting next year, the school will officially be known as the School of Education, Health, and Society-a new name chosen to reflect the school’s changing priorities.

Carine Feyten, dean of and professor in the School of Education and Allied Professions, began the process of changing the school’s name when she came to Miami last year, after it became apparent to her that a majority of faculty and students wanted a name that better reflected what the division is about.

“Nobody knows what ‘allied professions’ even means,” Feyten said. “It doesn’t mean anything. We needed a new name that says an integrated human experience is the best way to address all aspects of the child.”

According to Feyten, the school name change will reflect the education school’s new focus on synergy and the interrelationship between its various departments, which include education, educational leadership, educational psychology, health and wellness, family studies and social work.

“I think the School of Education and Allied Professions is kind of a misrepresentation of what it actually encompasses,” said Nadia Wahid, junior athletic training major in the education school. “I think the new name will be good. The name will be a better representation of the majors within the school.”

However, according to Feyten, changing the name of the school is a little more complicated than just making up a name. Feyten said the entire process of selecting a name and getting it approved by the board of trustees took almost six months.

The process involved detailed research of the names of other schools in addition to conversations with alumni, students, and faculty in order to make sure everyone was involved, Feyten said.

An advisory council was then later formed in order to come up with the final name, which was approved by the board of trustees Sept. 14 of this year.

“It’s not the best name, but it certainly makes more sense than ‘allied professions,'” said Laura Gates, a second year education major.

The name change will go into effect Jan. 1, 2008.