Mike Emling, emlingmv@muohio.edu

Sunday night is usually a rather foreboding evening full of, at least for yours truly, anticipation of the week ahead and a mild case of post-weekend depression. This past Sunday, something was different. At first, I thought it might have been my accidental discovery of Ke$ha’s new single or my realization it was T-minus four days until I would be dancing on coffee tables all across Oxford with my other-half-turned-recent-alumni (yes, I’m talking about you, Cassidy Pazyniak), but then it hit me. It’s Homecoming week! My favorite week of the year! Well, behind Springfest, my CAC lovechild with aforementioned other half. So here are three nuggets of advice for this glorious Homecoming week I hope you’ll take to heart as quickly as Lady Gaga took over my iPod (which, believe me, was instantly).

One. Homecoming is a time to be spirited! Now, you may be saying, “OK Mike, this is a no-brainer.” To which I’d respond, “Right you are, gov’na, right you are,” but I’d also respond by repeating my notion with much more theatricality (thank you, Glee), “It is a week to really show your spirit!”

We as a Miami community have so much to be excited about and so much to be proud of. Homecoming week, above almost all others, is the perfect time to showcase that spirit and wear that pride on your just-out-for-fall Patagonia sleeves. What better way to do that than by participating in the Reinvent Red Homecoming week events happening each and every day brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Spiderman … I mean, Campus Activities Council  Homecoming Board and partnering organizations! (Just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well.) And here comes my shameless plug: Check out www.muohio.edu/homecoming for the full list of Homecoming events! Spoiler alert: It’s a jam-packed week. I invite you to do it all and to live it up. Thisis the week for Miami love and honor, spirit and pride. Join me in showing that spirit this week and beyond! (Love ya, Buzz Lightyear.)

Two. Homecoming is a time to be happy, pure and simple. My inner hippy is about to burst out, but stick with me.

My adviser recently shared with me an article from a legitimate news source (we’re not talking The Onion or Amusement here … too soon?) detailing the research showing the real, positive effects of happiness and optimism on your personal and professional success. That’s right. Legit scientific literature outlining the power of positivity not only in your social life, but in your career, creativity and problem-solving abilities. This week, I offer a simple piece of advice —  Don’t worry, be happy. Don’t let the day-to-day stress overwhelm you. Be happy it’s Homecoming! You have so much to look forward to — from the alumni reunions to getting yo’ frat on, to the crazy memories in the making. And when in doubt, do what Mama Emling always advised — smile. (Or run, depending on the situation…)

Three. Homecoming is a time to be grateful. A very wise man recently told me the mother of all virtues is gratitude. If you forget everything else I’ve written, remember that. Take time this week to appreciate all you have been given, and to thank those who make your Miami experience just how amazing I know it is. On that note, I’d like to give mad props to this year’s Homecoming co-chairs, Cortni Kossmeyer and Cory Hinton, for being top-notch student leaders in planning an incredible week of events for this campus. Their vision and the hard work of their board as well as the contributions from countless university groups, both student and departmental are the reason we have so many new and exciting events to look forward to this week. The university-wide effort that has occurred in this year’s planning process truly embodies the love each of us has for Miami University. I am so grateful for that. Join me in paying that gratitude forward this week.

Three simple things — get pumped, be happy and say thanks (Oh yeah, and wear red!). If you do that, I have the fullest confidence you’ll have as good a time Reinventing Red as I do this week. In the words of current Miami student and Twitter-legend-in-the-making Eric Goldie, we’re too blessed to be stressed. Happy Homecoming!

Mike Emling

VP of Campus Activities, Associated Student Government

Executive Chair, Campus Activities Council