Starting this semester, the North Campus Garage no longer requires a regular university permit. Students need to purchase only an access pass (daytime, overnight or both) or pay the parking meter at a rate of 50 cents an hour. The editorial board of The Miami Student endorses the policy change as advantageous to both students and the university.

In the past, parking services has not seemed to be an advocate for the students. This change, however, finally benefits students. Parking in the garage is now priced more reasonably. Because access is affordable, more students are likely to exercise the option of parking in the garage and thereby bring in revenue to the university. Students might not have purchased an access pass when it required a university permit as well because the combination was too expensive. By dropping half the requirement, the university may actually increase the money it makes from the garage. The university poured significant financial resources into building the parking garage, but it has sat largely empty. Now, the university can generate revenue from that expenditure.

Parking at Miami University is notoriously problematic. This policy change may help bring about a solution to the lack of parking space. This board commends the university for making more options available to students. By lowering the cost of the garage, this available space is more likely to be utilized. Also, if more people use the garage, other spaces around campus may open up. Off-campus students can use the garage to drive to campus. It is more centrally located, close to the Farmer School of Business, than the Campus Avenue Garage (near the Recreational Sports Center), making it an appealing option, particularly during the cold winter months. Commuter students will also benefit from dropping the requirement of university permit also.

Making the parking garage more affordable benefits students, especially in the state of this economy, but it also benefits the university, which is likely to make more money by lowering the price of parking in the garage. If this policy change proves successful, Miami should consider implementing similar changes to the Campus Avenue Garage as well.