Ann Koblenzer

The job market may be looking up this year for some graduating Miami University seniors.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), this year is the strongest job market since 2000-01. There is expected be a 17 percent increase in the hiring of college graduates from the class of 2007 than 2006.

“The economy is generally pretty good, but there are some uneven areas,” said Bill Froude, the associate director of career services for Miami.

He added that the job market depends on what the industry is doing. Business and consulting jobs are increasing, while home building and mortgage lending appears to be more flat, due to the current housing bubble.

Despite these increases, Froude still wants students to know that they have to work hard to get a job and said these increases don’t mean jobs will come easily.

“Students need to do a self-directed job search to get those jobs,” Froude said. “You have to work to get a job. You have to take the time.”

Nickie Esinduy, assistant director of career services, said that though the job market is strong this year, students play a large part in determining their own success.

“There are some fields that because of the nature of the industry, students need to go out to them and express interest,” Esinduy said.

David Rosenthal, a marketing professor in the Farmer School of Business, said that the economy is doing well, including the jobs in business.

Despite the economy’s strength, some fields have a difficult job market by nature.

“The whole field of advertising is very small, so trying to get a job in it is very difficult at any time,” Rothenhal said.

Senior interior design major, Sarah Ambrose, has also noticed the job market getting better within certain sections.

“The market is OK, but there aren’t people banging down the door right now to hire within my major,” she said.

For seniors not ready to enter the job market, there are alternatives. Froude said that many students go to graduate school, especially in the College of Arts and Science.

Other students might choose a short-term alternative career before going to graduate school, such as teaching English as a foreign language. He said it can have advantages for students who need a break before graduate school and have always wanted to do something different before settling down.

Froude warns students that there is a downside, as some employers may look down on students taking a year off.

Ambrose is looking forward to graduating, but admits it will be difficult.

“It’s weird to be graduating and thinking about finding a real job, not just a temporary one for the summer,” she said.