JD Prewitt, Staff Writer

With the help of the Student Community Relations Committee and the City of Oxford, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) will start a cleaning initiative for student residents of the city.

Students living within the city will be encouraged to spend a few minutes picking up the area surrounding their homes, April 30.

While the effort is a new one, it is only a pilot program to gauge the amount of involvement in order to promote its use for years to come.

IFC Vice President Walt Wollet said he is excited to see where the program goes.

“Since it’s the first year we are just trying to get the ball rolling in the right direction,” Wollet said via e-mail.

Along with the other end of the year programs such as an extra refuse day given by the city and ShareFest which encourages students to donate unwanted items or those residents simply don’t feel like packing, the spring cleaning program is meant to help the city recover and stay beautiful after the school year.

“We visualize a day when everyone takes a few minutes to just dispose of accumulated litter,” Wollot said. “The philosophy being that if everyone took care of just their area, the entire city would be clean.”