Libby Mueller, Senior Staff Writer

Juniors Noah Gilbert and Travis Lesch put in some time on the exercise equipment in the newly renovated REC. (Joshua Zak | The Miami Student)

With gleaming cardio equipment, a shiny new group fitness room and a pro shop stocked with spirited apparel, the Miami University Recreational Sports Center (REC) renovations are nearly complete.

REC executive director Doug Curry said there are only a few final flourishes left.

“They’re about 99 percent complete,” Curry said. “We still have some final touches.”

Curry said the changes to the REC aimed to serve students.

“With Hydrations leaving the facility, we knew we needed a bigger pro shop to serve not only the Miami students but also the special events, so that was the first goal, and have new workout gear available to students,” Curry said. “The other piece is the multipurpose room. One of our most popular programs is group fitness and both of those rooms have been scheduled to the max.”

Curry said the new group fitness room can be used for several purposes.

“We created a new activity space that can also be used for meetings and classes,” Curry said.

According to Curry, the space for new cardio equipment was based on student responses to REC surveys.

“We added a second floor to one of the racquetball courts,” Curry said. “That was a direct initiative done by the surveys we put out twice a year, the surveys we send out and are available online. The biggest suggestion is more cardio equipment, specifically treadmills.”

The REC is still waiting on treadmills to arrive.

“That’s what’s not there yet, but hopefully in the next two weeks or so,” Curry said. “We were hoping it was going to be there before today but there have been delays in shipping and weather has affected that.”

The REC renovation project stayed on budget, according to Curry.

“We’re very pleased with that,” Curry said. “The bids were very favorable.”

Other changes to the REC include the removal of the four pillars in the main entrance, which opened up the entrance space, according to Curry.

Students can also now use their meal plans at the pro shop, Curry said.

There are not any more REC projects scheduled for the near future.

“I know we have responses on the weight room’s too crowded and we’re always talking about that, but nothing’s on the books right now,” Curry said.

Senior Brian Hubacher said he likes the changes to the REC.

“I think they’re very aesthetically pleasing,” Hubacher said. “The entrance looks very nice. But weight room renovations made it a little more crowded than before.”

The project adequately catered to students for the most part, according to Hubacher.

“I think it addresses the need for more cardio machines, but I think they could have done a little more to improve the weightlifting space because it’s pretty crowded,” he said.

Junior Abbie Marosi said she thinks the REC tries to serve all students, and the changes reflected that.

“I see that they try [to address student needs],” she said. “There’s cardio, weights, weight machines, more classes available. It seems like they’re going for guys and girls and trying to incorporate every type of workout.”