JD Prewitt, For The Miami Student

The candidates for Butler County Commissioner will focus on stimulating the economy while bringing jobs to the county, an initiative in which they agree Miami University plays a key role.

Republican Cindy Carpenter and Democrat Lester “Butch” Hubble are the only candidates for commissioner, and they agree on a number of issues — one of them is Miami.

To draw companies and jobs into the county, Carpenter wants to focus on the county’s quality of life and good schools.

“Quality of living is important to potential employers and Miami is a strong tool for that,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter plans to market and communicate with the Butler County Department of Development to brighten the county. She is also committed to working directly with Oxford representatives in support of Miami’s priorities.

Hubble looks to tap into natural resources to promote job growth and educational resources for students, including entrepreneurship opportunities. He also wants to improve the ease of starting small businesses.

A concern for some students is having more transportation options. Sophomore Corey Lack said having more ways to get around Oxford would be nice.

“I’d like to have a bus to surrounding areas like Wal-Mart and a stoplight at Ditmer Parking Lot to ease traffic,” Lack said.

Both candidates agree on the need for countywide transportation. 

“How does someone in Ross without a car get to their job in Bridgewater?” Hubble asked.

The candidates said mass transit would improve how students get around the campuses and surrounding areas. The candidates also stress improvement of transportation for non-traditional students.

The budget and the need to manage present resources are also high on their lists.

As member of the General Fund Budget Committee, Carpenter said she sees areas that need improvement and she believes changes are necessary, like reorganizing the commissioner’s office and business process to reduce expenditures.

Hubble also looks forward to making changes in the commissioner’s office that would get the county back to where it should be and give the people the opportunity to prosper.

He plans to take on corruption and inside jobs in an office he calls unequivocally mismanaged. He also plans to reduce spending through management of resources by requiring all projects more than $10,000 to receive bids, lowering the minimum from $25,000.

Currently, Carpenter is serving her fourth term as Butler County clerk of courts. She was elected for two terms as the Ohio legal rights services commissioner, a position that oversees the rights of individuals with disabilities. She has also served as treasurer for the Ohio Taxpayer Protection Committee.

Hubble is a retired Navy officer and field supervisor for the City of San Diego Police Department. He has served on the San Diego Police Officers Association Board of Directors and also founded the Hamilton Community Council. He currently serves as the community council chairman.