Kaila Frisone, For The Miami Student

Miami University employees continue to show their dedication to the city of Oxford. Two distinguished Miami employees were elected to Oxford’s City Council Nov. 8.

Steve Snyder and Kate Rousmaniere’s term on council will last four years.

Snyder currently serves as executive assistant to the president and secretary to the Board of Trustees for Miami University. He will be retiring from Miami next month after 39 years.

Snyder was on Oxford’s City Council from 1981-1990 and said he is very pleased to serve the Council once again.

“I’m hoping my experience will help with the city affairs and the issues we’ll be facing,” Snyder said.

Rousmaniere, going on her 19th year as a resident of Oxford, is a professor and chair of the Department of Educational Leadership at Miami. She will be stepping down after nine years of serving as the chair of the department.

Rousmaniere said her position as chair is a big responsibility but now that she is stepping down, she will have time to devote to City Council. However, she will continue being a professor for the department.

She looks forward to working with the city staff and learning more about the city.

“I am really interested in university-city partnerships, especially around the subject of sustainability,” Rousmaniere said.

Snyder said some of Council’s responsibilities include setting city goals, approving the annual budget and appointing city leaders.

Bobbe Burke, coordinator of off-campus affairs and Miami Tribe relations, said City Council will always need to be aware of economic development in Oxford.

“I think the biggest issue they are going to face as a council is going to be the ongoing decline of funding,” Burke said.

Rousmaniere said the problem regarding the budget is not that Oxford is overspending, but that Ohio is withdrawing funds. Rousmaniere suggests sharing resources between the city and township of Oxford to save money.

Junior EJ Corporan said having a Miami perspective is great for Oxford.

“I think it’s wonderful that Miami will be represented on City Council,” Corporan said.

Rousmaniere is impressed by the increasing involvement of Miami students with the Oxford community. She encourages more students to engage in the community because as students of Miami, they are residents of Oxford.

Snyder and Rousmaniere are not the only members of the seven-person council associated with Miami. Richard Keebler, Oxford’s Mayor, is a retired Miami staff member. Kenneth Bogard also serves on City Council and retired from Miami.

Snyder said it is important for members of the Miami community to be on the council in order to keep the lines of communication open.

Snyder and Rousmaniere agree that Miami’s presence on City Council represents the good partnership between Miami and Oxford.

“We have very talented people who think it really matters to try to give back to the community. We want Oxford to be a strong community, and we want Miami to be a strong university and those two things go hand in hand,” Snyder said.