Jessica Barga, Senior Staff Writer

After recent accidents involving pedestrians on U.S. Route 27, Oxford City Council passed a resolution April 3 recommending a reduced speed limit to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

“We’ve had some unfortunate incidents with vehicles striking pedestrians,” Oxford Service Director Mike Dreisbach said.

Dreisbach said Miami University had, in light of these events, asked the city to do a study involving potentially reducing the speed limit.

For an area of U.S. Route 27, which would include the area from Chestnut Street to Campus Avenue, the proposed recommended speed limit would be lower than 28 mph, according to Dreisbach, which would translate to a 25 mph speed limit in that area.

If the proposal is cleared by ODOT, the reduced speed limit would likely be in effect by the beginning of the fall semester, Dreisbach said.

Three new resolutions passed at the meeting will facilitate the revamping of the city’s wastewater treatment plant, according to Dreisbach and Oxford City Manager Doug Elliott.

“Many of the facilities there are over 40 years old and we’ve been having some problems with the maintenance,” Dreisbach said.

There are three components to the development process: repairs and improvements to the sludge disposal building, which provides recycled methane that is re-used for energy at the plant, improvements to the recirculation pumps, which are currently inadequate, and improvements to the non-potable water system, which will prevent the wastewater plant from having to import such water from the water treatment plant.

The original $3.12 million budget actually came in at $3.11 million, Dreisbach said.

“The project [will be] funded out of the current capital improvement fund for sewers,” Oxford Mayor Richard Keebler said, meaning the city will not need to borrow additional money for the project.