Associated Student Government (ASG) voted Tuesday to extend the opportunity to park in the North Campus garage like visitors, graduate students and faculty. Currently students can’t park in the facility during the week until after 5 p.m. ASG proposed to allow students to purchase Access Cards for a $25 monthly fee so they are able to park in the garage beginning at 6 a.m. Monday-Friday. The bill also wants to give students having the option of purchasing a $75 Reserve Access Card, which allows entry and exit at any times, even during event parking. As parking continues to prove problematic, the editorial board of The Miami Student believes that ASG is trying to make changes, and allowing students to take advantage of an already completed parking garage is a good place to start.

Miami made an investment in the building of the North Campus parking garage and under its current operating rules, neither the university nor students are fully capitalizing on this investment. In passing this bill, ASG took a good step forward in addressing the parking problem on Miami’s campus.

With the growth of academic buildings in that area, such as the new engineering and business school, students need to be able to park there. Those who currently want to drive to class, in particular those injured, are very limited in their parking options and the passing of this bill would increase parking opportunities.

ASG listened to students concerns on parking and took action to increase accessibility to parking options. In addition to initiating concrete changes in the parking system, they are raising awareness on the issue of parking to the administration. University senate and other administrative organization should listen to ASG’s solutions. We encourage them to follow ASG’s lead in addressing the problem and pass the North Campus parking garage bill.

In addition to increased accessibility in the area, the bill can also increase revenue to the university and begin to pay off the large 2008-09 budget deficit.

The garage is currently not providing maximum service to the university or students and university senate should pass ASG’s bill to curb this inefficiency. By opening the garage to student parking during the week, Miami can address the parking problem on campus, increase revenue and reap the full benefits of an asset.