Genna Carbone, For The Miami Student

New faces were introduced into the planning of this year’s OxFest in hopes of creating some positive change for the student centered outdoor event, starting at 10 a.m. April 16 at Camp America.

Scott Singerman, the founder of, which advertises for the event, is looking forward to the changes.

“The biggest difference in OxFest this year is the structure,” Singerman said.

Contrary to previous years in which a concert was the main focus of attraction, this year the festival will be surrounded by music and art.

“We decided to have multiple headliners with two stages performing simultaneously,” Singerman said.

“The two stages will offer differing music styles at all times so everyone will have the opportunity to listen to something of their choice,” Singerman said. “Participants can expect all types of music from a variety of artists ranging from local bands like The Truants to more well-known artists like Chip the Rip and MartyParty.”

“We tried to have more local acts matched up with bigger acts,”Andrew Stankus, founder of OxFest said.

Singerman said those who wish to attend the event should look up the artist’s lineup prior to arrival.

“With two stages and multiple acts, a basic game plan helps you get the most out of your day,” Singerman said.

Stankus said that he is looking forward to the artistic aspects of the event as well which has never been done before.

“Throughout the festival there will be live art taking place,” Stankus said.

A great deal of local art vendors will be selling and creating art throughout the day.

“I’m looking forward to the live graffiti wall,” Singerman said. “The artists are going to be adding to it as the day goes on so it will be cool to watch the progress and see the final project.” Graffiti artists, break dancing and LED-light dancers are just some of the live art acts that will be participating in the event, Singerman said.

According to Stankus, OxFest is starting a tradition of having an “OxFest BBoy Dance Battle” presented by The battle that will be taking place will be between the Circle Nerdz and the Shoalin Knights.

“It’s going to be a tough but fun battle to watch,” said Josh Sebo, bassist for The Truants.

The band member also said they will be playing regardless of unfortunate weather conditions.

“Come prepared for multiple types of weather,” Sebo said. “Also be prepared to forget about Miami for a day.”

Singerman said he is hoping the festival will open up student’s minds to variety.

“People should step out of their comfort zone and experience something different on a Saturday,” Singerman said.

Another expected major improvement this year is involving the bus system, according to Singerman.

“We have buses arranged to pick up and drop-off at The Wood’s uptown,” Singerman said. “Five to 10 buses will start running at 10 a.m. and keep students moving all day long.”