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Missing home and hot tortillas

“No, I should wait to visit. I’ve only been at school for a few days,” I say over the phone. My family only lives two hours away, but it’s my first weekend away at Miami and they already want me to come visit. I love my family,...

It’s a small world

As I step out of my dorm, a sharp gust of wind slaps me across the face. September has certainly set in, as it’s bitterly cold. I glance at my phone, pulling up the weather app, and the screen informs me that it’s an abysmal 51...

Homesick in Havighurst

On the drive from Columbus to Oxford, the morning sun peeked through the trees along Route 127. I looked over to my mom in the driver’s seat. This was not a typical first day of school. Yes, my parents would be dropping me off,...


The tools to friendship

Before I left for college, my dad bought me a toolbox. Every tool contained within it was bright pink, including a hammer, a screwdriver, and a tape measure. I laughed, doubting that I would ever use it, but I appreciated the...


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