Starry nights on sandy dunes

MOSCA, Co.– In the shadows of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains lie several massive sand dunes so beautifully shaped and perfectly formed that they appear airlifted from Saharan Africa. The Great Sand Dunes are located in Mosca,...

Anxiety above the Virgin Islands

I tend to plan my days by the hour, partly out of necessity to make sure I get enough work done and partly because I suffer from anxiety that makes me want to feel in control all the time. On past vacations, I’ve loved having...

Experiencing ‘Dead Season’ in Northern Michigan

If you look up Good Old Books online, you’ll find that the Leland, Michigan, used and rare bookstore is only open from mid-May to mid-October. But if, on a cold winter afternoon, you walk up to a gray-blue, bi-level home with an “OLD, RARE BOOKS” sign posted in the yard, you’ll find a note signed by George and Mary Ball.

Setting sights on Boston (again)

The first time I visited Boston, I was dead-set on attending Northeastern University, and the universe seemed to be telling me this was a good idea. It was August, a balmy 80 degrees, and my assigned tour guide was, objectively, the hottest one (I say “objectively” because our group somehow ended up three times as big as everyone else’s, and entirely female).


Parks and Recommendations

Your roommate booked a cruise to Cancun. Your sorority sister is headed to Breckenridge to hit the slopes. Even your Stats professor is bragging about their planned trip up to Windsor to win big at the blackjack tables.


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