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Stop defending this death culture

Kyle Hayden, Guest Columnist This essay does not “deny that Miami is a party school.” The much discussed “drinking culture” prevalent among “state-schools” is an addiction-based death culture. This is not an opinion. A fact:...

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More than just the ‘Miami Mold’

Earlier today, around the time that I realized I needed to write a column for this week, I stumbled upon a column titled “It’s time to see through Miami’s typical body image,” that was published a few days back. As the title...

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Vertical farming: A better option

We need to rethink industrialized factory farming and quick. The agricultural revolution boomed back in the 18th Century which allowed the industrial revolution to change the world we lived in. So, this is a good thing with more...

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Speaking up about mental health is key

After the fourth shot of vodka, I screwed the cap onto the bottle, put it back in my desk’s bottom drawer, hoisted my backpack onto my shoulders and left for my 11:30 class. It was a Wednesday morning, and I was drunk — it...

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