Lauren Kiggins and Megan McGill, For The Miami Student

Amidst the honking horns, flashing billboards and mobs of people in Midtown Manhattan lies one of the most prestigious concert venues in the world. Performing on the stage of this legendary hall is a dream of any musician, and as the saying says is only achieved through “practice, practice, practice!”

The School of Fine Arts is proud to announce that several of the Department of Music’s Ensembles will be performing in Carnegie Hall in an all-Miami University concert at 2 p.m. Oct. 2, 2012. According to James Lentini, dean of the School of Fine Arts (SFA), this dream has been in the works for several years.

“When I first came in 2007, I mentioned this grand project to the faculty at a meeting, but it was hard to talk about grand projects with the economy in turmoil,” Lentini said. “I never lost sight of the idea. I looked online for the application process and gave it to Dr. Delzell.”

Judith Delzell is the chair of Miami’s music department. According to Lentini, the application process is not simple or quick.

“The application process began over the summer. We proposed what kind of concert we would offer and who would perform. We submitted biographies of the conductors of the groups and potential dates that could work,” Lentini said.

It wasn’t until later this fall that the School of Fine Arts heard back from Carnegie Hall with an offer of a date. According to Delzell, this is a huge honor and success for the university.

“They don’t just let anyone go to Carnegie Hall and play,” Delzell said.

According to Lentini, this will be Miami University’s first appearance at Carnegie Hall in its long history. It is expected that around 350 student performers will be traveling to New York City for the event, and nearly every major will be represented. Groups to perform include Chamber Singers, Choraliers, Collegiate Chorale, Men’s Glee Club, Miami University Symphony Orchestra and the Miami University Wind Ensemble.

According to Lentini, this is cause for celebration for the entire university and all alumni.

“We want this event to be a weekend-long celebration for all Miamians, and the Department of Music gets to be the star of the show,” Lentini said. “We are currently in the process of planning events for a weekend in New York City that will culminate in the concert at Carnegie Hall. Our intention is to make this an event for all Miami University alumni.”

“This is a thrilling and rare opportunity for any musician, so naturally I am ecstatic,” Charlie Poe, junior and member of both Symphony Orchestra and Glee Club, said.

According to Lentini, the performance at Carnegie Hall will bring more attention to the excellent music program at Miami and add visibility to the university as a whole. Professors and students are already preparing for the performance next October, and anxiously await the thrilling opportunity.

“All of the spirits of the finest musicians in the world will be surrounding us during that wonderful day,” Delzell said, perfectly summing up the excitement felt by all affiliated with the groups to perform on the exciting October day.