Natalie Mckerjee, Senior Staff Writer

Students who want to meet with Career Services advisers now have the chance to avoid the long walk to Hoyt Hall.

The College of Arts and Science (CAS) at Miami University is providing guidance for students by making Career Services counseling available in Upham Hall.

According to Claudia Scott-Pavloff, assistant dean of the CAS, the office is now offering students in the CAS the opportunity to meet with three faculty members from Career Services.

Scott-Pavloff said the primary purpose of the service is to provide CAS students collaborative academic advising and career planning at a central location in 146 Upham Hall.

“There are individualized appointments for students in the College of Arts and Science and also for undecided students,” Scott-Pavloff said.

Senior Katie Mahon said this service is beneficial for all students, especially seniors who are feeling the pressure of graduation.

“It’s a great resource for students because of the central location,” she said. “As a senior, I appreciate that there are advisers to help.”

Scott-Pavloff said the collaborative counseling is intended for seniors as part of the senior check graduating students are strongly recommended to fulfill. 

“For the spring semester, we plan on focusing on undecided students and providing them with guidance,” Scott-Pavloff said.

According to Scott-Pavloff, the counseling appointments consist of various aspects of students’ career goals, including credit hour requirements, resume discussions, study abroad options, internship and career preparation and temporary employment options.

While this is the first semester the CAS has offered Career Services counseling in Upham Hall, Scott-Pavloff said she plans to continue the opportunity for students.

“We hope to continue offering these services to students,” she said. “We have had a lot of success so far.”

CAS students can make appointments with Career Services by calling (513) 529-3031. Appointments are available from 1:30 to 5 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in 146 Upham Hall.  

Along with the services available to CAS students, Sue Martin, director of Career Services, said liaisons from Career Services are offering counseling to students in virtually all of Miami’s colleges.

According to Martin, she noticed a need for more accessible career counseling for students and worked with deans and Career Services faculty to arrange for faculty from Career Services to have offices in more centrally located buildings.

“We have three liaisons in the College of Arts and Science, one in engineering, one full-time faculty member and a graduate assistant in education and health and society, one fine arts and there are two in Business,” Martin said.

According to Martin, while most of the faculty members have offices within these departments, they are more frequently found at Career Services in Hoyt Hall.

“We designated certain people to work in departments to ensure that students had counseling that would help them think and plan for their futures,” Martin said.