Ben Meinking, Columnist

Since picking up the guitar his sophomore year in high school, Jeremy Myeroff has performed on stages around the world.

He has sung on a cruise ship, helped found the Miami Men’s Glee Club a cappella group and enjoyed his moments Uptown on the O’Pub and Sidebar stages.

Myeroff, a business management student with a passion for performance, spent the summer before his junior year onboard the “Celebrity Eclipse,” a cruise ship that routes a trip around Europe, as a part of a singing quartet. Even after the summer ended, he chose to continue the job through what would have been his first semester of his junior year. He eventually ended the cruising life a few months later and returned to Oxford.

The guitar hasn’t always been what brought Myeroff in the spotlight. In fall 2009, he founded The Cheezies, an all-male a capella group, as a tanget to the Men’s Glee Club.

The Cheezies sung the national anthem at a NFL game in 2011, and recorded their first studio album, which debuted on iTunes in 2012.

When asked about recording and original content, Jeremy said right now, he does not see himself pursuing anything of the sort.

“Music is a hobby for me,” Myeroff said. “I tested it out as a career [once] and it wasn’t for me.”

His website,, not only holds his business blog but also various music videos he has filmed of himself singing covers of famous songs. His favorite is his latest, “Wake Me Up” by Avicii.

The song uses a finger picking technique rather than the strumming pattern that it is known for. The filming is good, plus singing and dancing on a rooftop is always fun to watch.

His live covers are still true and sound great when backed by adoring fans and a student crowd. He plays every Tuesday at O’Pub and every Friday night at Sidebar next to The Woods. If you find yourself nearby, come in, grab a seat and order a drink. He will make you want to sing along.