Christina Lundin, For The Miami Student

Starting April 15, Miami University botanists Jack Keegan and Mike Vincent will lead a series of nature walks, or Wildflower Walks, through The Silvoor Biological Sanctuary.

“We’ve been doing these Wildflower Walks for the last 15 years,” Keegan, who shares ownership of Miami’s greenhouse with Vincent, said

According to Keegan, the sanctuary was previously the site of a landfill until it was bought and restored by former zoology department Chair Robert A. Hefner and his wife, Ilo in 1978.

The land was transformed into a beautiful sanctuary for the public to enjoy for years to come.

With a total area of 2.5 acres, Silvoor boasts a network of trails and is home to a plethora of nature and wildlife.

Visitors can expect to see deer, birds, mushrooms and a wide assortment of wildflowers such as lilies, violets and poppies.

“Silvoor has the largest collection of wildflowers in Ohio,” Resident and Designated Curator Jason Reynolds said. “Not only are the Wildflower Walks are a great way to see the park, but the professors leading the walks are very knowledgeable. They can point out many wildflowers that most people wouldn’t notice on their own.”

Reynolds has been caring for the land since moving there in 2006.

“Right now the sanctuary is more alive than ever,” Keegan said, who described the sanctuary as a wonderful, peaceful place.

“I think the partnership between the residents of Silvoor and Miami is a great thing for the community,” junior Maddie Brennan said. “I’ll probably force my friends to come with me on one of the Wildflower Walks … they’ll thank me later though.”

Those who are interested in attending a guided Wildflower Walk should meet 2 p.m. at Pfeffer Park when the guides will lead the group into Silvoor.