Author: Megan Zahneis

Miami’s Student Package Center moves to Shriver

Effective in August, the location of Miami’s Student Package Center is changing — and so is the way that on-campus students pick up their shipments. The package center, which now operates out of Wells Hall, will be housed on the lower level of Shriver Center and feature intelligent locker technology, allowing students to access their packages 24 hours a day. “Students can pick [their package] up at any time, if they’re coming back from the library at midnight, if they’re coming from Uptown at 2 a.m,” Matt Frericks, Miami’s senior director for auxiliary facilities and planning, said. Almost 2,000...

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Suspected case of mumps at Miami

UPDATE Wednesday 3/1, 6:45 p.m.: University spokeswoman Claire Wagner has confirmed to The Student that the student in question has been diagnosed with mumps. A further announcement on MyMiami is forthcoming. A Miami student has come down with a suspected case of mumps, according to a notice posted on MyMiami over the weekend. As of Monday afternoon, the diagnosis hasn’t been confirmed yet — staff at Miami’s Student Health Services (SHS) are awaiting test results from the Ohio Department of Health — but SHS practice administrator Cyndi Traficant encouraged students and faculty to be vigilant in preventing further spread of the illness. Mumps is a viral contagious disease that is spread through saliva or mucus, often by an infected person coughing, sneezing or having physical contact with someone else. The MyMiami notice named handwashing with soap, not sharing food or utensils, cleaning surfaces that are frequently touched, minimizing contact with those who are sick and covering mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing as ways to prevent the spread of mumps. “That’s kind of handy because that’s the best prevention strategy for influenza as well,” Traficant said. “The same kinds of things that you do to try to keep yourself healthy will also help protect you from getting mumps.” Common mumps symptoms include fever, headache and swelling or tenderness of the salivary glands, near the jawline. But because the incubation...

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MU leaders fight ban on immigration

In light of President Trump’s suspension of immigration for people hailing from seven nations last week, Miami University’s senior leadership on Sunday night released a statement via email “expressing strong concern” about the executive order. “Providing opportunities for international students contributes to enhancing diversity and learning at a 21st-century university,” the statement read in part. “International students, faculty and staff contribute to our rich educational experience and mission. Miami is fully committed to remaining a globally connected university, welcoming students, faculty and staff from all over the world.” Miami University spokesperson Claire Wagner told The Student that more than three dozen faculty and students at Miami are from the countries listed in Trump’s ban — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The statement said that Miami’s Office of International Student and Scholar Services is reaching out to all international students, while the Office of General Counsel is working with Miami faculty and staff from the countries in question. “We wanted to assure our own community, dozens of members of which were already asking us questions, that we were reaching out to those affected and to reiterate our support for them,” Wagner said. President Greg Crawford also signed a joint letter from the presidents of Ohio’s 14 public universities Monday. The letter was sent to Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown in support of the BRIDGE (“Bar Removal of Individuals...

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Inclusion series discusses free speech

On Wednesday, Miami will kick off a series of four interactive discussions, open to students, staff and faculty, that are designed to facilitate scholarly understanding of national and global issues. Dubbed the “Inclusion Series,” the initiative was conceived by Miami’s senior leadership in the fall, and Provost Phyllis Callahan sought proposals on session topics from faculty members. One such proposal came from political science department chair Patrick Haney, who along with dean of students Mike Curme will be moderating Wednesday’s panel discussion, “Free Speech and the Path to a More Perfect Union”, in the Shriver Dolibois Rooms at 5...

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What If DAR now open to students

By Megan Zahneis, News Editor Miami University has just launched a new BannerWeb functionality aimed at helping cure students’ academic crises. As of this week, students can use their BannerWeb portals to run a “What If” version of their Degree Audit Report (DAR), allowing them to analyze how the courses they’ve taken correspond to a major in any degree program the university offers. Ted Peters, an academic adviser for the College of Arts and Science, said the program lets students view their curricular progress in any major and become more informed on their academic possibilities. “I think one of...

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