Author: Megan Zahneis

Miami alum lands winning deal on ‘Shark Tank’

Rick Pescovitz wasn’t ready to give up yet. The 1985 Miami alum and Cincinnati-based entrepreneur had submitted a pitch to “Shark Tank,” for his company, Under the Weather, but after a year there was still no word from the acclaimed investment reality TV show. Under the Weather makes portable pop-up tents aimed at outdoor sports spectators. The idea was conceived after Pescovitz grew tired of the suboptimal weather conditions he often endured on the sidelines his three kids’ soccer games — he needed a weatherproof way to watch. The “pod” design Pescovitz dreamed up is made of wind- and...

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Hundreds gather for satellite ‘March for Science’ in Uptown Oxford

Oxford joined over 600 cities in 69 countries in hosting a March for Science event on Saturday, April 22, internationally recognized as Earth Day. The satellite march in Oxford was attended by hundreds and featured a slate of speakers from the university community, including the mayor of Oxford, Miami’s provost and an Associated Student Government (ASG) cabinet member. That guest list was the handiwork of Dustin Hornbeck, a first-year doctoral student in Miami’s educational leadership program. Though the flagship March event occurred in Washington, D.C., Hornbeck was inspired to coordinate an Oxford edition after seeing a friend do the...

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Pedestrian hit by vehicle on High St.

Eyewitnesses report that a female pedestrian was hit by a vehicle this afternoon on E. High St., near Laws and Hughes halls. Miami University and Oxford police departments reported to the scene. MUPD told The Student it received a call at 12:39 p.m, but could not confirm the victim’s identity or the extent of her injuries. The victim was transported to McCullough-Hyde Hospital, where officials have not yet returned The Student’s request for comment. Student Riley Christianson said she was walking on the sidewalk near Pearson Hall when she saw a girl roll onto the ground. Christianson said the...

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International applications decline as anti-immigrant sentiment climbs

If Rebecca Guan could do it all over again, she wouldn’t choose to come to Miami. “No,” she said simply. “I would have stayed in China.” The sophomore, who’s from a northern part of China, said that the decision international students make to study abroad in the United States is already a difficult one. Now, it’s increasingly fraught with uncertainty brought about by a spike in anti-immigration sentiment since the 2016 presidential election. And were Guan a high school senior back in China today, those issues would convince her not to pack her bags and travel to Oxford — or elsewhere in the U.S., for that matter. It’s a conclusion many more international students may soon be reaching, as universities nationwide have seen numbers of international student applications drop this year. Miami University isn’t immune to that trend, according to data provided by admissions staff. As of Sunday, April 9, 2017, applications from international students are down by 4.1 percent this year from 2016, Miami admissions staff say. This marks a year-to-date drop from 4,897 applications in 2016 to 4,696 in 2017. Though this percentage is low, this fall-off is significant. Before this year, Miami’s international admissions were on a steady annual climb that began in 2014, when the number spiked by nearly 60 percent. On a national scale, several reports have indicated that international students are less likely...

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Students solve schedule woes with Miami Scheduler website

“We’re not super-geniuses,” sophomore Brennan Hoeting promised. On either side of him, fellow second-years and computer science majors Luke Artnak and Grant Eaton concurred. But the average Miami student, mired in the straits of class registration season, might beg to differ. Hoeting, Artnak and Eaton are the co-creators of Miami Scheduler (, a website that lets students input classes they need to register for, then generates potential schedules for students to browse. Users also have the option to refine their schedule possibilities with filters (for example, eliminating schedules with classes that start before or end after a certain time)....

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