The Grand Ornery Party

2016 should have been the rebirth of the Republican party. With a sweeping electoral stroke, Republicans captured an impressive majority of blue-collar rustbelt workers. They simultaneously savaged the Democratic aristocracy and ended the Clinton dynasty, while maintaining control of both the Senate and the House. Despite these successes, however, Despite this success however, this party has been almost unbelievably inept, inefficient, and incapable of governing. Republican factions are riddled with infighting and chafing under an uncaring and unhelpful leader. Every piece of legislative agenda Paul Ryan tries to advance winds up being another sword to fall upon.  Now that the GOP agenda is no longer concerned with blindly obstructing Obama’s presidency, our neo-Republican party finds itself unable to transition to actual leadership. A lot of this ineptitude has been overshadowed by the antics of their elected leader, President Trump. While his asinine tweets and insane actions capture a lot of attention, they obfuscate more significant party-wide failures. House Speaker Paul Ryan has spent the past year alternating between cowardly sidestepping, without ever taking a moral stand against Trump’s depravity, and consistently failing to get a single piece of legislation passed through a majority Congress. So far, the only success of this administration has been putting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, and even that required changing the voting laws to bypass Democratic resistance. Trump has eroded the morality of the GOP, often forcing his party’s members to...

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Should the alt-right be given the chance to stand at the podium?

Paolo Federico-O’Murchu, The Miami Student One of the biggest issues in modern-day liberalism is its closed mindedness towards differing opinions. For a party base that trumpets open-mindedness towards races, sexualities and genders, it can be startling insulated and occasionally aggressive when confronted with conservative ideals. While not emblematic of the entire party, there have been enough instances of younger progressives threatening and deriding speakers with opposing viewpoints for it to be considered a widespread problem. Therefore, when my friend at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill posted on Facebook that Richard Spencer would no longer be coming...

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Be prepared to talk American politics in Europe

A couple weeks ago, on my way back from the Luxembourg campus, I encountered a group of teenagers in a gazebo adjacent to my house. These teenagers are Luxembourgish degenerates. They worship Machine Gun Kelly, party in parks and none of them are in school nor working. This motley group drew me into conversation; I live in a small town and the sight of another teenager surprised them. They were clearly engaged in nefarious activities; bottles were strewn everywhere and the smell of smoke was in the air. After assuring them that no, I’m not a cop, I’m an American, we started talking. One of the first questions asked by a Luxembourgish miscreant was how I viewed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s healthcare legislation. This was an introduction to the amazing American political fluency exhibited by many Europeans. This semester of mine spent in Luxembourg has been absolutely extraordinary. Going into it, though, I had concerns that I would be out of the loop in America. Today is an extraordinary time in domestic politics, and citizen participation has never been higher. Grassroot movements are forming in my hometown and cities across America. As a politics major/nerd, I was worried there would be limited discourse available in Europe. I was wrong. I quickly learned that a taxi driver in Barcelona knows more about America’s international policy than most political...

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