Cincinnati Reds offensive preview

When asked about his expectations for the upcoming season, Reds’ first baseman, Joey Votto, was clear with his expectations. “I think we’re starting to get to the point where people are getting tired of this stretch of ball. I think something needs to start changing and start going in a different direction,” Votto stated matter-of-factly to

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How the ‘Cavs fixed their present and future in one hour

Over the past couple of years, the NBA trade deadline has proven to be one of the most eventful and dramatic portions of the NBA regular season. Just last year, DeMarcus Cousins, one of the top-three big men in the NBA, was moved to the New Orleans Pelicans; and players like Isaiah Thomas, Goran Dragic, Serge Ibaka and countless others have been moved to teams looking to make an improvement before the NBA playoffs.

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Turkey Weekend Takeaways

Thanksgiving weekend means many different things to many people. To some, it is a time to reconnect with out-of-town relatives and tell wonderful stories about the past year. To others, it’s a time show off their next great recipe or finally get a taste of their favorite traditional family sidedish.

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