‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Die!’: The making of a MAFIA short

“What are you guys still doing here?” Though the kickoff event for the 48-Hour Film Festival ended an hour ago, Cameron Kadis, Nikki Saraniti and Dwight Wilt sat in the front row of chairs in the otherwise empty Williams Hall TV studio talking back and forth, throwing out ideas for their film. Dwight had come up with the premise of the film a few days before: a wrestling-style tournament, but the contestants play Rock, Paper, Scissors. He doesn’t know exactly how or why the idea came to him, and thinks of it as a product of pure creativity and...

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The wall between us: Love after the election

Sarah Pankratz tried her best not to cry.  “How are you doing?” she asked Graydon, her boyfriend. The two high school seniors sat side by side on her living room couch watching the 2016 election results. “I’m good,” he said. “Are you alright?” Earlier that night, she might have said yes. The two of them had been playing a game of Yahtzee with Sarah’s parents. The news was on in the background, but everyone pretended not to care. The prospect of Trump’s election had been a safe distance away from Sarah’s reality.  But since then, the Indiana gubernatorial election...

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Opposites attract: A relationship strained by election results

In a few months, Jon Buckel and Jessica Boemker will celebrate their two-year anniversary. But on Nov. 8 last year, they were unsure that they would reach this milestone at all. They spent election night separately. Jess watched the results in her dorm room and Jon from his home in Mason, Ohio. They had been texting back and forth throughout the night about the election and what the next four years might look like. They both knew early on in their relationship that they fell on different places along the political spectrum. Jon identifies as a moderate, a little...

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