Oxford stuck on maple syrup

  It was Emily Myers’ third day working at the Hueston Woods Lodge and Conference Center, her first day working without another employee and her busiest day by far. In addition to the lodge guests, couples and families filled the lodge for its 52nd annual Maple Syrup Festival. Emily had met people who had driven all the way from Cincinnati. During the week, Emily is a first-year student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., studying speech, hearing and language sciences. But every weekend, she makes the two-and-a-half-hour drive from campus to her home just outside of College Corner, Ohio, to work at the lodge on Saturdays. She sat by herself at a table near the entrance of the lodge. An assortment of maple-related goodies were spread out on the table in front of her. A gallon-sized bottle of maple syrup for $69. A pint-sized bottle for the newer maple syrup connoisseurs for $17. A small bag of maple drop candies for $4. Maple dog bones for $1.25. A couple walked up to the table. “Hey guys!” Emily said. She greeted everyone this way — her chipper tone and wide grin had been going strong since the festival started at 8 a.m. They picked up the various items on the table to get a closer look. “How much is this?” the man asked, holding up a bottle of maple...

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World Hijab Day uncovers myths about women who choose to cover

“Do you want to try one on?” First-year Jessica Enhelder and senior Elisabeth Dodd greeted me as I walked up to their table in Armstrong. On the table were about a dozen scarves in various colors and patterns — from subdued solids to bright florals. The table was also decorated with other Islamic artifacts such as a tea set, candles and clothing. Without a second thought, I said yes. This is definitely one of the less risky things that I could partake in on a college campus. Jessica handed me a piece of stretchy fabric and told me to...

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Oxford welcomes the holiday season

“We’re doing that.” Shelby Frye, Malena McClory, Sarah Siegel and Isabella Bocija watched as two black horses passed by pulling a carriage embellished with evergreen branches, Christmas lights and red bows. “Where do we get in line?” They consult a nearby sign post that looks as if it’s straight out of a cartoon Christmas special, complete with multicolored arrows listing different activities in bubble letters. Before getting in line, they grab a cup of free hot chocolate before it would inevitably run out. It was only 50 degrees —  warm for Ohio in December — but who could refuse...

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Business, fundraising and free doughnuts at Sir Doughnalot Challenge

“If you voluntarily or involuntarily vomit, please use the trash cans next to you instead of the table.” The emcee was giving final instructions to the four teams of four who stood on the dance floor of The Woods, better known as New Bar. The place was brightly lit, a strange sight for those who only see the bar late at night, but music was still blaring. Each team stood around a table with four red solo cups filled with the players’ drink of choice — either water or milk — and two plates piled high with mini doughnuts....

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Sprinkles: A not-so-sweet treat

When Lauren Martyn first met him, she thought he was too short. He didn’t look like he could do anything special, and he wasn’t particularly pretty either. Four years later, he’s her favorite, and everyone knows it. “Don’t say anything bad. That’s my favorite horse on the property,” Lauren will say to a rider having trouble with him. She tells him good morning and goodnight whenever she’s at the barn. If he’s is lucky, she’ll have a peppermint for him. Whenever his time at Miami is through, Lauren hopes to take him home with her. His name is Sprinkles....

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