Dr. Dan the Pancake Man Comes to Armstrong

Daniel Drake, the young artist who set up shop in Armstrong’s Shade Family Room, has an unusual medium: pancakes. The Missouri native’s story began in south St. Louis where he worked as a fry cook just trying to make ends meet. He needed to find ways to make better tips, and noticed some of his coworkers would make Mickey Mouse ear dollops on their pancakes. This got him thinking. “I realized pancakes don’t need to be round,” Daniel said. He began to create smiley face pancakes by making the eyes and mouth out of smaller pancakes and placing them...

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African Students Union hosts ‘Taste of Africa’

McGuffey Hall became the setting for music, dancing and a feast of traditional African food this Saturday evening as the African Students Union hosted its annual Taste of Africa event. Held every year before Thanksgiving break, the event is meant to share African culture with the Miami community. Described by the organization as “Thanksgiving with an African twist,” the event started 15 years ago as a way for African students who couldn’t fly home to celebrate with others. According to Dr. Yeboah, geography professor and faculty advisor for the African Students Union, at the time the event started there were only five or six African students attending Miami University. They were among the only people left on campus while everyone else went home for the holidays. “The organization was created as a way for African students to support themselves in the American experience,” said Yeboah. Today, most members of the African Students Union are second-generation migrants, born in America with African heritage. The event has evolved from a small dinner to a large event of over 100 people coming together to learn about and celebrate African traditions. According to Dr. Yeboah, the event serves the purpose of giving representation to the African community. “In this era of ethnic nationalism and the rebuttal against globalisation, it is very important for organizations like this and events like these that they offer,”...

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Indian Student Association prepares for Diwali show

On a weeknight when most students are studying, relaxing or hanging out with friends, members of the Indian Students Organization, or ISA, are devoting their time to dance practice. They spend hours perfecting their timing, coordination and dance moves in preparation for their annual Diwali show. Diwali is a holiday celebrated by followers of Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and more. The holiday takes place over a span of five days, around the time of the new year on the Hindu lunar calendar. Each day is devoted to different activities from cleaning, meant to represent the wiping away of sins, to...

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Local dogs compete for best costume

Tiny monsters began creeping into Uptown Park Thursday evening. By 5:30 p.m., the whole park was riddled with witches, wizards, stormtroopers and even ninjas. They came in search for one thing and one thing only: candy. Thanks to Oxford Parks & Recreation, the park was filled with delicious treats. As a part of their annual Uptown trick-or-treat event, they came prepared for the invasion with games set up for the monsters. They rolled dice to get either a trick or treat, putt-putted into pumpkins and threw balls at cans to knock them all over. “We hold this event every...

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A symphonic reaction: Bridging the gap between science and music

Most people wouldn’t think music and science go together, but senior biochemistry and piano performance double major Alex Danielson is proving that’s not the case. Danielson is a fifth year at Miami and currently in the process of interviewing for medical schools. He started playing the piano at the age of five, starting off with lessons from his grandmother. His parents encouraged him to continue taking lessons, and, in his senior year of high school, he made the decision to pursue piano further in college. “It was kind of a last minute decision, but I really wanted to keep it a part of my life,” said Danielson. Medicine was also a long-term love for Danielson. He knew he’d wanted to become a doctor since eighth grade when his mother, who is a primary care doctor, encouraged him to shadow an orthopedic surgeon to fulfill requirements for a school project. Many of his family members are also doctors, which allowed Danielson to gain a good idea of what it means to be a doctor. “I think I want to go into orthopedics, but it’s hard to say before actually going through med school,” said Danielson. “People usually don’t decide until around their third year. I may go into primary care, because it’s in high demand right now and I just want to go where I’m needed.” Biochemistry and piano performance...

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