Miami students proudly display diversity

Miami students are accustomed to the tables set up by various campus organizations on the second floor of Armstrong. Most of them are advertising or fundraising, and many students quickly walk by avoiding eye contact, not wanting to be interrupted on their way to and from class.

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The New Golden Age of Latin Music Lights Up Hall Auditorium

The stage in Hall Auditorium was filled with an assortment of instruments that most of the audience wouldn’t have seen before. The vocalists sang in Spanish, so most people listening were not able to understand the lyrics. The eclectic mix of classic Latin music and modern pop was foreign to their ears.

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Miami welcomes spring transfer students

On the evening of January 24, days before the majority of students would be flocking back to Miami’s campus, freshman Connor Catlett arrived before he even had a dorm to stay in. A transfer student from the University of Georgia, the new RedHawk ended up sleeping on a friend of a friend’s couch the night before his freshman transfer orientation.

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