Intercultural group improves cultural competency

On Wednesday afternoons, part of the Health Services building turns into a temporary hub for students from all different backgrounds to share foods from their cultures while Fred Shueh makes bubble tea. Some days just a few students come to the meeting, while other days, as many as ten gather to share their stories and hear from others. The intercultural connection group at Miami University’s Student Counseling Services gives students a chance to connect with people from different cultures and develop cultural competency. Shueh, coordinator of counseling services for international students, said the group is open to both international and domestic students. “We want to provide an environment, a setting that all students can feel comfortable and safe to talk about all types of cultural experiences and concerns,” Shueh said. Shueh said students are welcome to come to as many or as few sessions as they want, as the group has a drop-in policy. The group meets every Wednesday in the Health Services building from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Shueh created the group in the spring of 2015 for international students, then opened it up to all students soon after. Originally from Taiwan, Shueh was exposed to different cultures from a young age when his father brought him to different religious institutions while conducting research for a book. “This made it easy for me to see things from multiple...

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New student movement fights sexual assault and white supremacy

From walking students home from the bars to organizing rallies, The Collective brings together Miami students and Oxford community organizations to combat sexual assault and white supremacy. “It is like a movement or an initiative that is made up of a bunch of different people, activists who are interested in doing what they can to make this campus a better place by attacking major issues on campus that affect a wide variety of students,” said senior Taylor Edwards, an organizer in The Collective. Senior Jc Statt, another organizer, said it doesn’t seek recognition from the university as a student...

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Butler County and the City of Oxford consider restructuring court system

The city of Oxford is considering its options as Butler County may restructure its area court system. The city of Oxford is considering four options: using a new Butler County municipal court in Hamilton, establishing an Oxford city municipal court, creating a mayor’s court with an appointed magistrate or leaving the courts the way they are now. At the same time, Butler County prosecutor Michael Gmoser has proposed combining the Area I Court with the other two area courts to form a county-wide municipal court. Currently, Butler County pays for three area courts. Area courts serve the population that...

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‘Stateless’ sheds light on international crisis

Miami University faculty and outside experts called attention to the Rohingya genocide on Thursday night, raising awareness about an international crisis many Americans know little about. The Rohingya are a majority-Muslim ethnic minority group who have long lived in the Rakhine state of the Buddhist nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma). The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), a small group of insurgent Rohingya separatists, attacked more than 30 police posts on August 25, triggering a campaign of mass killings, rape and the burning of Rohingya villages by the Burmese military. Anita Schug is the spokesperson for the European Rohingya Council...

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Miami University Hunt Seat team defends home turf

The Miami University Equestrian Hunt Seat team hosted their home show this past weekend, taking first and second against six other teams. Miami placed second on the Saturday with 31 points, while Otterbein University placed first with 41 total points. Miami tied with Ohio State University for first place on Sunday with a score of 33 points. The tiebreaker went to Miami, that earned more first place ribbons overall. For each team, within each division, coaches must pick a “team rider” — a rider whose points count towards the team total. Points come from placings at the show. First is equivalent to seven points, second to five, third to four, fourth to three, fifth to two and sixth to one.   Visiting collegiate teams ride the host team’s horses in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). Teams across the country travel to barns and “catch ride” — a style of riding where competitors randomly draw a horse and are judged on their ability to ride the unfamiliar animal. Approximately 70 riders competed in various divisions for Miami this weekend. So, hosting a home show presented extra challenges as Miami members competed and played host at the same time this weekend. “They were able to multi-task because the home show is an opportunity where, not only do we have to care for our horses, but we have to compete,” Miami...

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