A reprise for “The Age of The Laptop”: Getting beyond techno-optimism for a simple future

By Kyle Hayden, Columnist First off, I’d like to acknowledge that we made many errors in the writing of “The Age of the Laptop” (published December 2 in The Student, page 7) — spelling and mechanical errors, mostly. We stand by what we said. But we have received comments indicating the readers want more. What are the solutions? Where to go from here? My primary question going forward is: can you resist if it seems our entire culture is headed in the same direction? That is, our schools and institutions are symptoms of the values retained by a dominant...

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The age of the laptop

Reliance on information technology is stunting meaningful liberal education By Kyle Hayden and A.J. Newberry, The Miami Student About three months ago you could spot  first-years pretty easily. Whether they had on a tie-dye shirt, messy haircut or they were simply making a lot of noise, it was charming to see so much personality on our perfectly manicured campus. But what happened when the dust settled, when these students were wrested into groups and classrooms and given a list of courses they “must” take? Miami University has an art school (in fact we have two): the College of Arts...

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In ‘Hillbilly Elegy,’ a weak retreat into the individual

By Kyle Hayden, Columnist J.D. Vance, author of national bestseller “Hillbilly Elegy,” visited Miami University yesterday to give a talk about his book. Vance’s heart is in the right place. The book resonated with me thoroughly. However, I have some major and fundamental disagreements with its political premises. Prior to his talk Wednesday, I was invited to a lunch with Vance by the department of media, journalism and film assumedly because I’m from this area — I’m from Sidney, Ohio. Vance is also from this area and the bulk of the book concerns itself with Middletown, Ohio, where Vance...

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The Student’s ‘most critical’ columnist experiments with enjoyment and happiness

By Kyle Hayden, Columnist The editorial staff and some of my readers (including my parents) have noted a tendency among my pieces to dwell on negative aspects of the goings-on in the country and in the world. Often the scope of my writing takes on a scale too big for the limited space of a newspaper. I knew something was wrong with my writing when my mother cornered me in our kitchen a few months ago and asked with concern: “Are you happy?” I tried to describe myself as “happily melancholic,” or possessing a “different kind of happiness,” but...

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Facing tough realities in a world awash in ‘green’

By Kyle Hayden, Columnist The Student has won another award for its reporting on the university’s energy purchasing and use. To be clear on the source of our energy: Energy Information Administration reports indicate that Miami University purchases coal-fired electricity from Dayton Power and Light. This was reported in the December 4th 2015 issue of The Student.  The electricity powers our lights, projectors, computers, Internet, refrigerators and air conditioners, among other things. Electricity is categorically different from heat (but cooling is done through the use of electricity), which is produced at the steaming plant on Western Campus. That plant...

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