‘Wonder Woman’ challenges cinematic patriarchy

It’s a good year to be a woman in film. Unless, of course, that film is directed by Michael Bay or stars Tom Cruise. But Polynesian princesses, alien ass-kickers and, most notably, Wonder Woman herself, are having a moment. And my god, do they deserve it. Obviously I’m biased by default, but this film is not just good because it was directed by a female (the formidable Patty Jenkins) or stars one (the indomitable Gal Gadot). “Wonder Woman” is proof that it’s possible to achieve cinematic quality in a female-focused action film while highlighting what women are capable of,...

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Flatline in funding hurts MU libraries’ purchasing power

Decline in book purchases hurts humanities Miami’s library funding hasn’t been cut since 2010, but it also hasn’t increased. With inflation, this inhibits Miami’s ability to purchase books and, subsequently, can hurt professors and students — especially those in the humanities. Aaron Shrimplin, Associate Dean of Miami Libraries, noted that Miami’s flat budget won’t hold up against skyrocketing prices. “Just to pay that inflation, we always have to cut content,” said Shrimplin. “We’ve been living in that environment for many years and will continue to live in that environment unless we see our budget increased a bit.” This “cut content”...

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