Taylor Swift reclaims her ‘Reputation’

Last Friday, the world stood still for Taylor Swift fans as she released her highly anticipated album “Reputation.” Upon first listening to the album, it’s clear that “Reputation” is a vengeful masterpiece and a vast difference from her earlier work on albums like “1989” and “Fearless.” While her songs’ subject matters haven’t really changed, Swift finds ways to innovate her sound while remaining true to herself. “Reputation’s” release marks the end of a year of negative headlines, public feuds and two very public breakups for Swift. This included a Colorado trial where Swift countersued a radio DJ for sexual...

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On-campus blue lights are rarely used for emergencies

Since Jan. 1 of this year, the blue emergency lights around campus have been used to contact the MUPD 20 times. One of these calls was to report a stray manhole cover, and several others were to request vehicle assistance or directions. None were crime-related emergencies. But Cpt. Ben Spilman of the Miami University Police Department (MUPD) said they still serve a purpose, even if it is just to comfort current and prospective students, as well as their parents. “I think that people expect to see them on campus,” said Spilman. “I think that if we had a campus...

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‘Walking Dead’ season eight premiere might be the show’s saving grace

Everything has an expiration date — my debit card, the milk in my fridge and, according to some, AMC’s hit TV series “The Walking Dead.” “Mercy,” the show’s season eight premiere, aired this past Sunday, and I’m sad to say it was met with mostly negative responses. It seems the promise of this season’s theme, all-out war, was not enough to rouse people’s support for Rick’s fight against Negan and continued battle with zombies. I believe some lack of interest stems from the show’s shift from an apocalyptic to post-apocalyptic nature. Gone are the adrenaline-filled plot lines in which walkers were...

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Taylor Swift battles her reputation in ‘ . . . Ready For It’ music video

Last week, Taylor Swift dropped the music video for her song “ . . . Ready For It?,” the second single off her upcoming album “Reputation.” The music video takes place in a science fiction universe where the Evil Taylor has locked up the good Taylor in a large electronic box. Throughout the course of the video, the Good Taylor attempts to set herself free while Evil Taylor continues to knock her down. This sequence of back-and-forth between the two Taylors continues for a seemingly never-ending amount of time until finally the Good Taylor frees herself. When she does...

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‘Stranger Things 2’ is not this fall’s scariest new show

If you, like me, consumed “Stranger Things 2” in a breathless nine-hour binge and are still hungry for televised horror seeped in 1980s nostalgia, consider CBS’ new series “Young Sheldon.” Given the nature of “The Big Bang Theory,” it makes sense that the network went with horror for its spinoff as well. The show’s unparalleled medley of misogynistic undertones, disproportionate amount of detestable characters and relentlessly unfunny humor hold strong in “Young Sheldon.” The show follows an innocent Texan family being terrorized by their nine-year-old genius son, a horror trope arguably too heavily relied on in recent years (“Orphan,”...

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