Depression — a side effect of not taking your antidepressant

I did something dumb last month. Or, I guess, I didn’t do something, which was dumb — I didn’t take the antidepressant my doctor prescribed me over winter break. When she advised me to take something, I suggested maybe meditation would be sufficient instead. That worked for my dad, and he’d been pushing me to try it. “Oh, you’re way past that,” she said. So I picked up the Zoloft at Walgreens that night. By that point, I was in such a bad place I was scared of what would happen if I didn’t take it. But the pills made me so sick I couldn’t eat for a week, and somehow losing five pounds didn’t make me feel any better. I went back to the doctor, because I’d stuck a Q-tip too far in my ear and had started feeling my heartbeat in it, but also to address the antidepressant thing. They swapped out the Zoloft (and assured me the Q-tip incident was not incredibly uncommon). It was the second prescription I’d received recently for Lexapro, but the first one I’ve had filled. Near the end of fall semester sophomore year, I sunk into a pretty deep depression I couldn’t shake. My parents urged me to transfer, but I knew the problem wasn’t Miami — it was me. I loved my friends, my job and my major, but I was...

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Guy did not anticipate 1989 flannel shirt purchase becoming staple of future daughter’s wardrobe

  While Bob Lawson was purchasing a flannel shirt from the Gap in the fall of 1989, he did not anticipate his future daughter, Katie Lawson, stealing the article of clothing from his closet 26 years later and adopting it as her own. “I don’t know, my mom made me go to the mall and said I had to pick out some shirts,” said Lawson. “I was home for winter break. I’m pretty sure I didn’t consciously pick one out that would be so versatile my future daughter would be able to wear it over leggings OR jeans.” Lawson, now...

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Giving up social media, two weeks in

Lent, the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, is a time for fasting, abstaining from meat on Fridays and reflection. This introspection is supposed to come from giving up one thing you enjoy doing. This year, instead of my usual cop-out of giving up soda, I decided to tackle my worst millennial vice: social media addiction. For 40 days, I decided to refrain from checking up on my high school classmates’ Snapchat stories, stalking crushes on Facebook, and constantly refreshing my beloved Twitter feed. It hasn’t even been two full weeks since Ash Wednesday, and I have...

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Local Tinder user lowers standards

After just over two years of using the dating app, junior Jenny Weaver has lowered her Tinder standards for what she swipes right on. Weaver, 21, said that while she used to spend at least 30 seconds deliberating before swiping right or left on someone, unless they seemed “like, really weird,” she now takes merely one or two seconds. “Sometimes I just swipe with my eyes closed,” said Weaver. “I mean, at this point, I might as well.” Weaver said she used to have her distance set to merely five miles, but quickly ran out of options. Currently, it...

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Students wonder which type of French fry Pulley Diner to serve today

Students anxiously formed a line around the cash register in Pulley Diner on Saturday, Feb. 17, wondering which type of French fry they would be served that night. Sophomore Rebecca Ingram said she never knew whether to expect the normal ones, the slightly thicker ones or the inexplicably peppery ones. “Seriously, what’s with all the pepper?” said Ingram. “Have you ever met anyone, ever, who puts that much pepper on their fries?” Her boyfriend, Luke West, said a knot of anxiety forms in his stomach each time he cautiously orders a meal at Pulley with a side of fries,...

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