Prytherch, Southard, Smith and Raghu win Oxford council seats

The Butler County Board of Elections called the contentious Oxford city council race at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night. The winning candidates were the four endorsed by the Butler County Progressive PAC: David Prytherch, an urban planning professor at Miami, won 20.24 percent of the vote. Edna Southard, former professor at Miami and incumbent councilor, won 17.46 percent of the vote. Chantel Raghu, an activist and veterinarian, won 15.82 percent of the vote. Mike Smith, incumbent vice mayor, won 15.80 percent of the vote. The published election results did not include provisional ballots, which will be counted in the coming...

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B.E.S.T. Library, Alumni Hall flood, requiring repairs

Torrential downpours in Oxford on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 5 resulted in a broken window, several dozen damaged books and other damages to two Miami libraries.  The storm’s effect on B.E.S.T Library was minimal: only one basement window and “a very small number of books” were irreparably damaged and must be replaced, according to Samantha Brandenburg, coordinator of library facilities and planning in the Dean’s office. “[B.E.S.T.] Library did have substantial flooding,” Brandenburg said in an email. “Approximately a half inch of water covered a large portion of the basement.  The pressure of the water build up also cracked one of the basement windows.  [The Physical Facilities Department] quickly cleared all the water and today are working on repairing the window and cleaning the exterior drains.  We have been working together to find a solutions so flooding like this does not happen again.” In Alumni Hall, the flood was less destructive. No books were damaged and water only entered a study room and staff office. Currently, the basement of B.E.S.T library is closed for repairs with no timeline for reopening.  “At this time, PFD and the libraries are still assessing the damage to determine the time/money estimates [for repair],” Brandenburg said. “But the full extent of the damage cannot be assessed until it is completely dry and the humidity levels are back to normal.”

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Economic experts discuss national debt in Janus Forum

Miami hosted two well-respected economic experts — Alice Rivlin, Brookings fellow and former vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board and David Walker, candidate for Connecticut governor and former U.S. comptroller general — to discuss a low-profile political issue with an inflammatory spin: “Is the national debt the new road the serfdom?” Though the mission of the Janus Forum is to “discuss opposing views freely and passionately,” the nearly 90 minute discussion moderated by junior Jacob Bruggeman in Wilks Theater was mostly an agreement: The national debt is too big, and we should focus on its reduction. Rivlin and...

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Kona Bistro closes suddenly after 20 years, blindsiding regulars and employees

It was Saturday night of Move-In Weekend and Blake Jennings, co-owner of Kona Bistro with his brother Tyler, sat inside Left Field Tavern with a beer in hand as he watched the meager foot traffic go by outside the window. “I should have been yelling at my cooks during the dinner rush,” Jennings said. “But instead, I was sitting in a bar on what is supposed to be one of my busiest nights of the year.” Business had been going downhill for around a year before Kona decided to shutter their 20-year-old locally loved business. “You know, there’s usually...

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Amid rumors of collusion, candidates received common aid

When campaign signs for four candidates in Oxford’s upcoming city council election began popping up together in store windows, front yards and on third-party signposts outside Oxford, online discussions appeared, calling into question the existence of a “bloc” or “slate” between nearly half the contenders in the nonpartisan election. “I am formally inviting Jace Prows, Austin Worrell, Drew Davis, and Samantha Elizabeth Vogel to explain here, publicly, why their signs are being placed as what I refer to as ‘The Gang of Four,’” an Oxford Township resident wrote in a now-deleted post in a community Facebook group. “What is...

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