Steak with a Balsamic, Chocolate and Port Reduction

Ingredients Steaks — New York Strip is what we used, but ribeye is also an excellent and flavorful choice. Coarse salt Cracked black pepper Oil — Pick a neutral oil with a high smoke point. Canola is the best low-cost option. If you have the cash and the inclination, pick up grapeseed. Avoid olive oil, which burns easily. Butter Rosemary — Fresh. Shallot Port Balsamic vinegar Semisweet chocolate The Steak: To begin prep, make sure your steaks are thawed and then slap them down onto a cutting board. To ensure a proper sear and a gloriously crispy crust, pat...

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Miami must acknowledge campus sexual assault, silence is unacceptable

The following reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board. Nicolas Cristescu, a former Miami student, was convicted of gross sexual imposition and sentenced last Monday to five years in prison. Cristescu, a sophomore who remained enrolled in school until the start of this semester, drugged, raped and filmed an unconscious woman, who was also a Miami student, in a Heritage Commons dorm last October. The charges of rape, sexual battery and voyeurism he initially faced were dropped due to a plea bargain, and he was only indicted for the third-degree felony. His five-year sentence is the maximum allowed for sexual imposition. Miami has not acknowledged the case except for one obligatory campus crime alert email, sent out Oct. 19 last year, which provided only a bare description of Cristescu and a note that “a female student reported to the Miami University police that she was sexually assaulted by a male known to her.” This is unacceptable. This case is one of many glaring incidents of sexual assault that happen on Miami’s campus. This is an extreme case, but it is not a standalone issue. Miami neglecting to acknowledge the case not only downplays what happened but perpetuates an air of ignorance surrounding campus sexual assault. This is not normal. We cannot allow ourselves to become desensitized to incidents of sexual abuse, and we must hold our university accountable...

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Miami researchers build better bones

Up two flights of stairs in the Engineering Building, behind a handful of heavy, gray doors and through an airlock, Miami University researchers are looking for a better way to regrow bones. “If you have a defect in a bone, and if the bone defect is beyond a certain size, younger connective tissues forms, but it’s not bone,” said Paul James, an associate professor of biology and one of the lead researchers on the project. “You need a bridge.” The other project lead is Amy Yousefi, a professor of chemical, paper and biomedical engineering who has been working on...

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New Orleans: The Great Intoxication

I spent the flight home from New Orleans cradling my head on a paperback-size excuse for a tray table, feeling vaguely like I should be hospitalized but not knowing for what ailment or for how long. “How were the hurricanes?” someone asked me, once we were back in Ohio. It is the question posed — nearly without fail — by middle-aged adults after they find out you’re 21 and recently returned from New Orleans. It’s usually accompanied by half a smile and one raised eyebrow. The subtext: “Aww, the little undergrad couldn’t handle his booze.” I wasn’t offended by the question. For one, the hurricanes were tasty. But beyond that, I admittedly looked like someone battling the worst hangover of their life. My eyes were bloodshot and my clothes wrinkled. As I shambled my way through airport security that morning, the TSA stopped me for a drug screening. The agent swabbing my hands assured me it was random. While the beverages consumed the night before did no favors for my health, the root cause of my corpse-like state was a weekend worth of blunt-force sensory trauma inflicted by the city itself. The first thing that hits you is the smell. Step onto the worn bricks of the French Quarter and your nose twitches. Damp earth, flooded river, musty trash and fried seafood vie for olfactory dominance. Notes of vomit...

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