‘The Wrong Crowd’ hits the right chords

Dave Dabney provides the vocals for the group, rapping to the band’s original tunes like “Animal” and “We Never Split” (top left). On keyboard and keytar, Nick Froelich plays out a melody (top right). The band was joined on Saturday by trumpeter Lee Shibley (bottom right). Photos by Bo Brueck. It’s a Saturday, and there is a sign on the front door of 504 South College street. “Hello // Welcome to the Show,” it reads. “Glad to Have You Here // Please Go in Around Back // — Angus.” If it wasn’t for the mention of a show —...

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Pick your poison — Cocktail Corner

Welcome to The Miami Student cocktail corner, where the over-21 members of our editorial staff bring you two cocktail recipes — one classic and one in line with the food section theme. This week, we offer up the Dark ‘n’ Stormy, a stalwart and spicy rum drink, and the Purple People Eater, a sugary (but surprisingly tasty) concoction sure to please fans of Mind Probes, Trash Cans and other brightly-colored refreshments. Classic: Dark ‘n’ Stormy For consistency’s sake, we stick with the International Bartenders Association proportions for our classic cocktail recipes. 2 oz of dark rum — Gosling’s Black...

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Campus Climate survey deadline extended to Nov. 3

The Miami University climate survey work group has extended the deadline to complete the One Miami Campus Climate survey from Oct. 27 to Nov. 3, according to the university website. Department heads and administrators — including President Crawford — sent out emails over the past two weeks imploring students to complete the survey after response rates failed to approach the work group’s stated goal of “all students, faculty, and staff at Miami University.” “This survey is critically important to advancing our common mission by creating and maintaining a community culture that grounded in mutual respect, and reflects the Code of Love and Honor across all of our campuses,” reads Crawford’s email. The published overall response response rate, as of Oct. 24, was 15.9 percent, according to the University website. Miamians can fill out the survey online at...

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Oxford Owned: Oxford Copy Shop

There is a certain rhythm to the way that Matt Rupel compiles a coursepack. “I can come here and say I need AMS 248,” he said, fingers punching instructions into the touch panel of the behemoth printer in the Oxford Copy Shop’s front room. The inkjet whirs to life and starts spitting out pages — it can crank out 100 black-and-white copies a minute. “Then I can just grab it from there,” he said. He picks up a bright yellow cover page and lays it over the pile of still-warm copies. He knocks the pages twice against the counter,...

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