Oxford ‘Safe Ride’ driver arrested on rape, kidnapping charges

Oxford Police arrested local taxi driver Sherman Jackson II Saturday on rape and kidnapping charges. The arrest came after two 21-year-old female Miami University students filed two separate sexual assault reports against the driver on Friday, Dec. 8 and Saturday, Dec. 9, according to a news release from the Oxford Police. Both students allege Sherman assaulted them in his vehicle. Other Miami students have interacted with Sherman and his business before, and some have reported experiences that made them uncomfortable. “I’ve taken a ride with [Jackson] about two to three times before,” sophomore Spencer Ruebel said. “I was never...

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Student org funding slated for restructuring next semester

The Associated Student Government (ASG) senate passed new legislation Tuesday, Nov. 28 overhauling the way ASG funds student organizations. The biggest changes involve a four-tiered “reward” system that will tie the amount of money student orgs are able to request to their level of compliance with new ASG funding requirements. These new rules will mean more complexity for some student orgs, but also improve a slew of issues with the current funding system, hopes Caroline Weimer ASG secretary of finance. “It’s a means to budget properly for funds, because when you’re giving everyone a $10,000 cap for the entire semester, it’s very difficult to anticipate how much is going to be spent and where that’s going to go,” said Weimer. Reducing the number of student orgs in debt and increasing the overall fiscal responsibility of student organizations are two more major reasons for the change, said Caroline Weimer, ASG secretary of finance. “We experience a lot of debt where people come in and say ‘Well, it’s not mine, we didn’t do it,’” said Weimer. “And we don’t want to penalize current officers and treasurers who have [to deal with] the effects of their past leadership.” Spring 2018 will serve as a transition period between the current $10,000 per semester funding cap for all student orgs and the new tiered system, said Weimer. The $10,000 cap will remain in the...

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Fall food facts: Mindful eating tips

H.A.W.K.S. Peer Health Educators Guest Column This November, the H.A.W.K.S. Peer Health Educators are using various outreach platforms to promote “Nutrition November.” The goal is to educate students on the benefits of healthy eating through mindful and convenience eating tactics.  Nutrition has a significant impact on one’s overall mood and happiness. In the long term, it can also reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, some types of cancer and type 2 diabetes.   Health Advocates for Wellness Knowledge and Skills (H.A.W.K.S.) are student leaders  on campus with specialized training in wellness and health education. Our mission is to...

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Prytherch, Southard, Smith and Raghu win Oxford council seats

The Butler County Board of Elections called the contentious Oxford city council race at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night. The winning candidates were the four endorsed by the Butler County Progressive PAC: David Prytherch, an urban planning professor at Miami, won 20.24 percent of the vote. Edna Southard, former professor at Miami and incumbent councilor, won 17.46 percent of the vote. Chantel Raghu, an activist and veterinarian, won 15.82 percent of the vote. Mike Smith, incumbent vice mayor, won 15.80 percent of the vote. The published election results did not include provisional ballots, which will be counted in the coming...

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‘The Wrong Crowd’ hits the right chords

Dave Dabney provides the vocals for the group, rapping to the band’s original tunes like “Animal” and “We Never Split” (top left). On keyboard and keytar, Nick Froelich plays out a melody (top right). The band was joined on Saturday by trumpeter Lee Shibley (bottom right). Photos by Bo Brueck. It’s a Saturday, and there is a sign on the front door of 504 South College street. “Hello // Welcome to the Show,” it reads. “Glad to Have You Here // Please Go in Around Back // — Angus.” If it wasn’t for the mention of a show —...

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